Last-minute Mother’s Day Card

12 March 2021

Here’s a speedy tutorial in case you need a last-minute card to show your mum, or female role model in your life, how much you appreciate her!

Just search for ‘Mum Watering Can Card’ to make it on your Cricut Joy!

Don’t have a Cricut Joy? Don’t worry, we’ve got links to other Mother’s Day cards that work with all machines!

Step 1

Go to Design Space or the Cricut Joy app and select your card. We went with ‘Mum Watering Can Card’ but there’s a whole selection of cards to choose from!

Step 2

Load the pen of your choice in the Cricut Joy’s tool holder. Put your Insert Card on the Card Mat, and load the mat with card into the machine. After the machine has checked everything is aligned, you can click ‘Go’ and watch the Cricut Joy work its magic!

Step 3

Swap the pen for the blade when prompted by Design Space or the Cricut Joy app.

Step 4

Once the machine has finished cutting, remove the card mat from the machine by clicking ‘unload’ in the app.

Carefully peel away the mat from the card and make sure all the cut-out bits are removed.

Step 5

Slot the insert part of the card in the cut-outs in the corners. Top Tip: Curving the insert slightly in your hand, makes it easier!

Pop your newly-made card in an envelope and seal it with a loving kiss before sending it off!

As promised, here are more Mother’s Day cards that are designed for all machines:

Click here to make this beautiful folding “Mum’ card.

This sweet card is perfect for animal lovers. Click here to make it.

This hip cactus card is perfect for anyone who wants to make mum laugh! Click here to make it.