Genius kids’ room organisation tips for decluttering in 2022

9 February 2022

At your wit’s end with your kids’ room organisation? Well just follow these handy hints from professional organiser Vicky Silverthorn.

Whether it’s creating a little art gallery to clear up doodle clutter, or creating colour coded labels. There are endless possibilities to tidy up your child’s room.

You Need A Vicky

Any parent will know that between endless piles of toys and multiple changes a day, it can feel like a never-ending task trying to keep your kids’ bedrooms looking spic and span. You may find yourself looking for handy hints for kids room organisation amongst the chaos. 

Luckily, professional organiser, Vicky Silverthorn is on hand to lend her pearls of wisdom. “Anyone who knows me, knows that I like everything to have its place. And when my daughter arrived I knew even more so how important this would be!

I was shocked at how quickly I saw the potential for that to go out of the window. I’ve found some really simple tricks. Making games out of tidying up and using cute labelling systems made using my Cricut Joy™, have really helped to keep on top of things!”

Kids room organisation tips

Here are Vicky’s tips for managing clutter in the kids’ bedroom or playroom

Don’t overcomplicate tidying up – it’s the worst thing you can do for kids!

No child has the patience to line up their toy cars and neatly fold the dressing up clothes. And believe me, you will end up tearing your hair out trying to make it happen. So, create a simple organisational system they can follow and gamify it. Get a few boxes that fit the room decor and give them labels. I make mine using my Cricut Joy™. Your children can then put their toys away easily. Whether it’s a box for dolls, another for puzzles, or one for blocks, it’s a simple dumping technique that saves the floor space and your time! 

Labels kids room organisation

Make your labels fun and age appropriate

If you’ve got young children, why not create pictures of the things to go in each box or storage unit? That way, they can easily identify what goes in each one. Or, if your kids are a little older, simple word recognition is great too.

Age appropriate organisation labels

Declutter and giveaway excess toys to charity

Often more toys equal less play as children forget about the ones they don’t see or use regularly. Ask yourself, is your child’s favourite toy really their favourite toy or simply the one they can find the easiest amongst all the others? Have a clear-out and donate to a charity. It’s a great excuse to get children involved too and implant this idea so it becomes a part of their lives. We grow up and out of things and ‘that’s ok’ is the message. 

Create your own mini gallery for children’s doodles

We all love the beautiful works of art our little ones create, but with so many they can quickly stack up and create clutter around the house. So why not create a designated area for wall art in their rooms? The “My little Davinci Wooden Picture Frame” from Amazon is perfect for this. It hinges open and you and your children can update the piece on display as often as you like. You can personalise it so your kids feel like little Van Goghs. Simply use a Cricut Joy machine to create a name sticker in your preferred font and colour. Apply to the top of the frame and voila! 

Vicky Silverthorn Kids Playroom organisation tips

Colour code the room and teach to share at the same time

If your children share a room, a great way to get them tidying their toys away is to give them a colour coded box for their toys to go in. Get them involved and ask them to pick their favourite colour. Some toys are for sharing so can have a designated neutral space or live in another part of the home. It’s a brilliant way to get the room in order, encourage tidying and teach them vital life skills that will help them as they grow up too. 

kids room organization

Give the room fresh life with bespoke wall stickers

Once you’ve got the room in order and looking neat and tidy, a great way to freshen up the space is to create decals to brighten up the walls. You can make removable vinyl decals using the Cricut Joy which means you can chop and change designs as much as you want! So whether it’s creating the letters of the alphabet in a designated reading nook, or creating shapes for geometric patterns – my daughter loves hexagons – you can make the room anything you want it to be. 

Wall vinyl stickers for kids room

Getting Organised

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