DIY haunted house decorations with Cricut

27 October 2023

OOoOoOooO! One of my favorite holidays creeps toward us and I am prepared to decorate my place with anything and everything I can make with Cricut. I like to think of Halloween decorations as a toned-down haunted house, so this year, I am taking you through my creations for the perfect DIY haunted house.

Here are some simple, budget-friendly crafts to spook up your space for this upcoming Hallow’s Eve.

Window skeletons

I love a festive window decal, but why not make them reusable? Skeletons seem to be this year’s popular decor and these cardstock cutouts serve the same scary—yet, sustainable—purpose. However, if you wish to display these bones on the outside of the window, I recommend using Cricut vinyl to avoid weather-related tragedies.

Tabletop witch hats

A Halloween tablescape isn’t complete without a few reminders of the season’s theme. Cardstock is my best crafting friend right now, and these witch hats are a quick project to add some height and dimension to my decorations. These witch hats are easy to customize by size, color, and design. 

Paper graveyard

A haunted house wouldn’t be complete without a truly eerie scene. Use this paper graveyard as a 3D standalone or as a wall panel. I used recycled cardboard as a sturdy backing for the vinyl so this decoration can be reused year after year. My favorite part about this project is the assortment of gravestone designs available on Cricut Design Space.

Hanging spiderwebs

During the season of scares, I decided to recreate one of my biggest fears and hang it from my ceiling! These “cobwebs” are sure to create an ominous feel in the space—luckily, these ones are easy to remove after the holiday.

Flying ghosts

Trick-or-treaters are sure to be scared off by these whimsical floaters. Tissue paper ghosts are another project that can be done in a pinch. Just be sure not to hang them in a particularly windy area!

Halloween doesn’t have to be a hassle with Cricut. These craft ideas can be applied to any sort of haunted decor theme you have in mind, whether it’s classic monsters or pop culture horror.

Share your DIY decorations with us on social by tagging #cricut. Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Skeleton Card in Design Space