DIY gift ideas with a personal touch

12 October 2021

Create heartfelt, personalized presents with Cricut this holiday season to offer your loved ones handmade gifts as unique as they are.

Trying to find the perfect gifts for your favorite people can become a stressful task. Forego the store-bought options for a DIY gift that’s anything but cookie cutter.

Crafting a gift from scratch can seem a daunting task. With a Cricut machine, you can make everything from custom candles to tumblers with ease, all from the comfort of your home.

These DIY gift ideas are perfect for adding your personal touch.

Personalized DIY gifts, perfectly simple to make

Creative candles

Everyone loves a cozy candle, especially as we move indoors during those long winter months. Wrap a vinyl monogram design around a friend’s favorite candle scent for a creative twist on a classic gift. The Cricut Design Space library has a huge array of fonts and customizable decals– like this mandala monogram– to help you craft the perfect personalized luminary.

Distinct drinkware

Mugs and tumblers are also a must-have for the hot beverages of the holiday season. With Cricut’s cutting machines and Cricut Mug Press, you can beautify your brews with monograms, a handwritten note, or vinyl decal that are sure to bring a smile with each sip.

A charming gift

You’ll be the most thoughtful host of the season with these handmade wine glass charms. Cricut machines can cut through basswood and wood veneer materials to create any shape or charm that suits your fancy. Craft them for your guests, then let friends and family take theirs home as a keepsake from your special occasion.

Custom clay earrings

Polymer clay earrings are a trendy accessory for any season or occasion. Cricut machines make it simple to cut vinyl stencils used to shape clay earring designs of any style. Achieving this amazing handmade accessory is as easy as cutting a Cricut stencil, slicing your clay, and baking until you have a fun gift for your favorite fashionista.

Commemorative ornaments

Chronicle your best vacation memories (and those you shared them with) by making vinyl-embellished glass ornaments. This is a perfect gift for nostalgic friends and family who love reflecting on the happy moments and excitement from holidays past. Bonus points if you can fill the ornaments with actual sand or materials from your favorite trip!

Shining signage

Cricut-made etching stencils are also perfect for crafting unique glass signs and aesthetic lights. This bar cart lamp design can be customized with whatever phrase or graphic you can imagine, allowing it to shine bright in any room as an eye-catching home décor statement.

Ready to make your DIY gift?

Make Your Season

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