Butterfly projects that make your creative heart flutter

13 October 2021

Transformation personified, butterflies make a common yet still beautiful decoration for the home, the office, or even personal accessories.

Feng shui followers know butterflies as a popular symbol to strengthen love, growth, and renewal. They’re auspicious symbols, according to The Spruce. It’s one of the reasons that that they’re used in so many decorative ways. From greeting cards to wall decals to shirts and costumes, we’re seeing that our Cricut community loves making butterfly projects. In fact, butterflies hold a spot as one of our most popular searches in Cricut Design Space.

Our design library houses a number of butterfly projects, and we’ve listed below some of our favorite ways to use these beautiful creatures.


The selection of butterfly projects in Cricut Design Space specifically for cards is pretty expansive. From 3D and pop-up cards to envelopes, you can make give friends and family that fluttery feeling when they see what you’ve made.

If a card feels like a bit too much, you can also create a simple note or gift tag using nearly any material with these simple shapes.


Like we mentioned earlier, butterflies are pretty popular in nearly every form of decoration. We love them on walls, but many more creative people find ways to incorporate these winged beauties throughout their home or office. Just a few examples to pick from: try these designs on things like coasters, mobiles, soap dispensers pillows, or even decals on mirrors.

If you’re looking for something more temporary, butterfly designs also work perfectly for party garlands.


Hard, cold objects like phones or water tumblers benefit from the softer touch butterflies add to an aesthetic. Patterned vinyl or iron-on also adds some texture and complexity to an otherwise fairly simple project.

Finishing touches

So many other types of butterfly projects exist, but we wouldn’t have enough space on this blog to fit them all! So instead, here’s a few other samplings of the types of things you can add some of these beauties to, like this amazing yet practical tea bag holder. It’s such a simple little addition but it sure brings a smile to our face when we see it.

How are you using butterflies in your projects? Tag us with @cricut on social and don’t forget to add #cricutmade.