A new way to navigate Design Space

2 October 2023

Our team is always working on ways to provide a more enjoyable experience for our members, which means adding a few things that will help create a better workflow. Sometimes it can be the simplest features that provide the most efficient creative experience.


Easily toggle between the Home page and your current project on your Canvas, just like you would in a web browser. Browse for inspiration while working on your creation. You’ll love the convenience of being able to switch between the Home page and your work of art in Canvas!


The hamburger menu ≡ has been updated and now all your account information lives on the right side of the screen. This will be the one stop shop for all account information and settings. This menu includes where to update your profile, change your notifications, new product set up, calibration and Help.

Lastly, your “My Stuff,” which contains all your bookmarks, projects and uploads, is now easily accessible from the left menu of the Home page.

There are plenty of great updates and features with every software release to help improve your Design Space experience. Be sure to keep your version of Design Space up-to-date and check out the “What’s New” pop-up message to stay in-the-know of any changes we’ve rolled out!