Make Their Day with these 8 thoughtful projects you can create on Joy Xtra

7 February 2024

Love is in the air, and so is the excitement of the Cricut Make Their Day Annual Sales Event! To make this season extra special, we’ve curated a list of 8 heartwarming and thoughtful projects that you can easily create with the incredible Cricut Joy Xtra. Let’s spread joy together with these delightful DIY projects that are perfect for Valentine’s Day and beyond. 

Valentine Candy Bags

Create sweet moments with personalized Valentine Candy Bags using your Joy Xtra. These adorable bags are perfect for sharing treats with loved ones. Add a touch of creativity to your gift-giving with this charming project.

Sign Me Some Love T-Shirt

Wear your heart on your sleeve, quite literally, with the Sign Me Some Love T-Shirt project. Use your Joy Xtra to craft a custom shirt that expresses love and affection in a unique and stylish way. Spread the love wherever you go!

Heart Lollipop Holder

Make your Valentine’s Day sweeter with the Heart Lollipop Holder project. This delightful creation is perfect for gifting lollipops in a charming and festive way. Your friends and family will surely appreciate the thoughtful touch!

Be My Galentine Banner

Deck out your space with love by creating a “Be My Galentine” Banner. The Joy Xtra makes it easy to craft personalized banners that set the perfect romantic atmosphere. Surprise your special someone with this heartfelt decoration. 

Valentine Fruit Cup Stickers

Transform ordinary fruit cups into Valentine’s Day delights with custom stickers made using your Joy Xtra. This project adds a touch of love to healthy snacks, making them perfect for classroom parties or family gatherings.

Layered Love Card

Craft a beautifully layered love card with intricate details that showcase your creativity. The Joy Xtra’s precision makes it easy to achieve stunning designs, creating a memorable card for someone special.

Hearts Card

Express your affection with the Hearts Card project. This elegant and charming card design is perfect for sending love to friends, family, or that special someone. The Joy Xtra ensures every detail is flawless.

Watercolor Space Valentines

Take your Valentine’s Day cards to another dimension with the Watercolor Space Valentines project. The Joy Xtra allows you to create cosmic and dreamy designs, adding an extra touch of magic to your heartfelt messages.

With the Cricut Joy Xtra and these 10 heartwarming projects, you have the power to make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable for your loved ones. Visit the Cricut Make Their Day Annual Sales Event to grab your Joy Xtra and all the materials you need for these delightful creations. Let your creativity flow and make their day with these thoughtful and personalized DIY projects!