8 gifts to make for the bookworm

19 April 2023

While books are always a good option as a gift for a bookworm, you might be wondering what you can make for them instead. With your Cricut machine, the options are truly endless. We’ve got a mini roundup of some of our favorite gifts you can make to show your creativity and thoughtfulness while also being unique and personal.

1. Book letters

There’s something special about personalized décor! If you are throwing a nice gathering for the book lover, we were inspired to create a “pop-up book” effect with letters that spell out the celebrant’s name. This project cuts letters to make a personalized name display from old books. Just find a few discarded books that are on their last legs and cut out letters to spell a word or their name!

Find this Book Letters project and instructions in Design Space!

2. Book bag

What book lover wouldn’t be ecstatic to receive a book bag as a gift? Books can get heavy, and book bags are great for library runs or bookstore hauls. Find this Books and Stuff tote bag image in Design Space. You’ll be able to customize each book with their favorite titles!

3. Decorative books

Create these faux Pink Books display that your book lover can add to a nightstand or side table. You can customize the colors and design to match their aesthetic and what genres they love to read!

4. Bookends

These bookends make a great anniversary gift. This is a cute way to remind your partner that they are always on your mind. We used these Thinking of You Bookends design on wooden bookends for a classic look.

5. Book garland

This colorful and simple 3D Book Garland would make a great decorative piece in any room or library. This project is easy to customize with colors they love. Add their favorite book titles to further personalize it!

6. Wooden bookmark

A unique bookmark is a great gift and this one is no exception. Instead of using paper, this bookmark uses wood veneer and fine point pens to draw the intricate designs. Find the instructions for this wooden Sun & Moon Bookmark in Design Space.

7. Book crate

A book cart is great if your reader is running out of shelf space, or if they’re a teacher and would like a designated book area for their classroom. Customize the crate’s colors to complement their reading space, and you’ve got yourself a cute and practical gift. Find this READ book crate in Design Space!

8. Gift card box

This book-inspired gift box is the perfect way to present a gift card to your favorite reader. Using cardstock and pens, create and personalize the cover with the recipient’s name or a heartfelt note. This Book Gift Box is available in Design Space.