6 things to make with Cricut Smart Vinyl

20 October 2021

Cricut Smart Vinyl gives you a bigger space to work with, letting your making potential grow with every cut.

Having a roll of Smart Vinyl is like having access to a giant sticker sheet. Combine that with Cricut Explore 3 or Cricut Maker 3 and now you can cut that giant sticker sheet into whatever designs you want. No surface is safe.

Custom wallpaper

Go ahead — call it a comeback. You’ll see interior designers adding it to shelves, to walls, and even to ceilings. But for those of us who remember scraping wallpaper off our parent’s walls in the 80s, we may be a little tentative to add the stuff to our homes. Good thing you can achieve the same look by using Smart Removable Vinyl to add the stylistic pop without the commitment. We’ve done it a few different ways. Read how Anna Rose added removable vinyl to the wall behind shelves in her craft room to get the expensive wallpaper look she wanted, without the price tag.

Car decals

Vinyl car decals have been around for quite some time. But we’ve seen a huge surge in adding large decals to hoods, bumpers, and the sides of cars and trucks. Our favorite is when nature is brought from the mountains, to the adventure vehicles that get you to the mountains. Are you more of a water person than a mountain person? No sweat! Add a cascade of waves with a setting sun to your vehicle. Whatever kind of adventurer you are, Cricut can help you amp up your wheels to truly express your passion.

Privacy windows

We love big windows, and we cannot lie. However, we still want privacy. A great way to keep that glorious sunlight streaming through the windows but still block enough of the visibility to onlookers is to apply a vinyl decal. Be as creative as you like because if you use Removable Smart Vinyl, the design can change with your mood. The Cricut design team added a geometric pattern to a coworker’s windows and boy does it make an impactful difference. The project is in Cricut Design Space for you to make too.

Outdoor décor

From welcome signs to seasonal décor, we are really digging the outdoor signs people are making for their homes. people to your home.

Everyday items

Remember when we said that no surface was safe once you have a roll of Smart Vinyl? We weren’t joking. Even things that are a little out of the ordinary are the perfect canvas for adding a personal touch. Like these pool floaties. What a fun favor for a pool party or a family gathering.

Other large spaces

Because you can cut up to 12ft of Smart Vinyl on Cricut Maker 3 or Cricut Explore 3, you can add inspirational phrases to just about anywhere. Add large vinyl decals to a wall, to a door — even a bathroom stall! You never know when you might need a little reminder to be kind.

We hope our list of the top six places to add vinyl has inspired you to start using up your stash! What vinyl project will you do first? Share your finished projects with us on social media with #cricutmade.