10 Cricut craft supplies you didn’t know you needed

24 August 2021

With endless creative possibilities, it can be hard to narrow down what you want to make.

From different types of vinyl to iron-on and even different kinds of paper, there are so many materials and other craft supplies to bring your creative ideas to life. But with so many options, there are a few hidden gems we wanted to bring your attention to. So without further ado, here are 10 craft supplies you didn’t know you needed:

1. Strong Grip Transfer Tape 

Nothing makes a project stand out more than shimmer vinyl—but did you know about Cricut strong grip transfer tape? If you’ve tried to transfer shimmertrue brushedtextured metallic, or frosted vinyl with regular Transfer Tape, you might have found out the hard way that it doesn’t work well. The next time you decide to add some shine with a vinyl project, grab some strong grip transfer tape for the perfect transfer. Take a look at how this shimmer vinyl was applied to a water bottle for a dazzling touch. 

shimmer vinyl water bottle

2. Writable Vinyl (for Joy)

Have you ever tried writing on vinyl with pen? Nothing ruins an organized pantry more than smeared labels. But with Cricut Smart Label Writable Vinyl, whether you choose to rely on your own handwriting or have your trusty Cricut Joy write the labels for you, writable vinyl is the perfect material to label and spice things up in your pantry.  

3. Foil Iron-On 

Did you know that you can use iron-on to add embellishments for cardstock projects or even on napkins?! We actually recommend using iron-on for paper as opposed to vinyl because the transfer tape used to transfer vinyl to paper can be too sticky and can damage the cardstock. The next time you want to go all out for your next soiree, try personalizing with foil iron-on applied to plain cocktail or already-themed napkins to take your party to the next level.   

paper napkins with foil iron-on

4. Transparent Vinyl  

Making full-color stickers is the perfect way to add personality to your belongings and this can be done with Cricut printable vinyl! If you’ve used printable vinyl before, you’re familiar with the paper-like finish that this material offers; however, you might not know about transparent permanent vinyl. This clear vinyl gives stickers a shiny finish and a protective layer to stick on the outside of water bottles, journals, and more.  

5. Infusible Ink Markers & Pens 

Bring on all the color and tip options! Did you know that you can use Infusible Ink pens and markers with coloring book pages? Whether you choose to freehand a design, have your Cricut smart cutting machine draw something for you, or take a page from a coloring book, you can watch your designs bloom into sharp, vibrant colors with Infusible Ink pens and markers. Just make sure to use them with laser copy paper for best results! el.   

6. True Brushed Paper  

If you’re looking to branch out and jazz up your paper crafts, we’ve got you covered with true brushed paper. This textured paper can help add more dimension to whatever design you bring to life. Take a look at how these paper flowers come to life with this light-changing brushed effect paper.  

7. Metallic Markers & Pens

When making cards with dark-colored cardstocks, black or darker pens don’t quite show up. The next time you decide to use dark-colored cardstock for your project, try using metallic pens and markers for beautiful metallic results.  

8. Dry Erase Vinyl 

We’ve all used dry erase before, but did you know about dry erase vinyl?! This material is perfect for teachers, students, or parents looking for erasable options. Try applying dry erase vinyl to clipboards, cookie sheets, or even lockers!

9. Smart Materials

When you make extra long projects or need to make multiples of one design, did you know you can take materials off the mat with Smart Materials? Whether you’re making a large wall decal or a bunch of your family reunion’s t-shirts, you can make any vinyliron-on or sticker cardstock project—all without a mat! The flexibility of creating beyond a mat really is smart

10. Debossing tool 

Have you ever wanted to play around with different textures? The debossing tool along with the QuickSwap™ Housing is the perfect tool when you want to add designs to leather and paper. The results look especially impressive when using foil posterboard. Take a look at how crisp and detailed this project turned out! 

We hope this gave you a good starting place to branch out and try new craft supplies! If you have questions about certain materials, be sure to check out our blog about the Top 7 most asked questions about Cricut materials.