Top Print Then Cut projects with Cricut

29 August 2023

Bring a world of color to your projects with Print Then Cut, a feature available on Cricut’s newest machine, Cricut Joy Xtra! From full-color custom stickers and cards to wearable art and designs, you’ll create professional-looking pieces with just your home printer, material of your choice and Cricut machine. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the Print Then Cut feature or would like to learn how to use it from the pros, we have tons of resources for you. Visit Cricut Help Center to learn how to Print Then Cut in Design Space. For step-by-step tutorials and popular projects, visit Cricut Learn

Water bottle stickers

Personalizing an everyday item, like a water bottle, is a great way to express yourself. Deck it out with custom stickers you can create at home using Printable Waterproof Sticker Sets. Hop into Design Space and search through the endless library of images that you can customize or create from scratch. Print out your designs with your inkjet printer and let your Cricut Joy Xtra do the cutting for you.

With these sticker sets, you’ll also be able to use them for outdoor labeling or create fun bumper stickers. Because these sticker sets are waterproof and UV protective, they’ll be able to withstand the outdoors or condensation from your water bottle. 

Invitations, cards and tags 

Design unique, full-color cards and invitations for any special event or celebration. These baby shower invites are customized in Design Space and precision-cut into the silhouette of onesies by your Cricut machine.

Personalized gifts tags are much more than a decorative add-on. It adds to the unwrapping experience and speaks from the heart. Using the library of fonts available in Design Space, make a fun gift tag with the recipient’s name and an optional image or message.

Notebooks and planners 

There’s something uniquely satisfying about putting pen to paper, whether it’s taking notes, writing in a journal, or planning out your day. Embellish those plain notebooks and planners with custom stickers and phrases using Printable Vinyl or Printable Sticker Paper. With the new and improved Printable Vinyl and Sticker Paper, you’ll find the material is much easier to peel without sacrificing the strength of its adhesive. Create stickers for different subjects, organize your itinerary with daily tasks, or simply just express yourself with things you like.

Custom apparel and accessories

Channel your inner fashion designer with custom clothing and accessories. Showcase your individuality with one-of-a-kind designs using Printable Iron-On, available for light and dark fabrics. Add your own creations and phrases to shirts and joggers, or customize book bags and tote bags with multi-colored accents and images. 


Add a splash of color and personality to your pantry or countertop with full-color labels that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Ditch the plain labels that blend in and create vibrant, colorful labels using Printable Sticker Paper or Printable Vinyl. Add images of what is in each container to help you quickly identify and access your snacks and ingredients. 

The combination of printing and cutting enables you to create vibrant, professional-looking projects. Personalize your water bottle or school supplies with stickers that represent you. Create unique party invitations or gift tags for that special event or celebration. Create fun graphic tees and accessories for any occasion. All this can be done with just a printer, a Cricut machine and your imagination.