New Ramadan images launch in Design Space

8 April 2021

With Ramadan coming up, we've added beautiful new images you can make with to celebrate the holiday.

There are so many possibilities to create Ramadan decorations for your nightly Iftar tables or amazingly handcrafted items for all of your friends and family. These new images have been added to Cricut Access, which means if you have a Cricut Access membership, you can access them with no added charge.

Eid Mubarak

Ramadan images by Eid Muburak.

Find these images here.

Ramadan Mubarak

Ramadan images, icons and silhouettes.

Find these images here.

Ramadan icons and silhouettes

More Ramadan images, icons and silhouettes made with Cricut.

Find these images here.

Ramadan – Kareem

Ramadan images - Kareem

Find these images here.

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There are many more images we’ve added to Cricut Access. Search for any of these images sets in Design Space by their name or check out the Recently Added tab under Highlighted Categories in Design Space to see all new images.

Tell us in the comments or share on social media what other images you’d like to see Cricut add to our Design Space library.