Make your own home café with this DIY coffee and tea bar

28 January 2022

Make your own caffeination station at home with a Cricut machine.

As I settle into the new year, one of my biggest goals is to figure out how to make the space in my apartment more effective. Off the bat, I was aching to step up my caffeination station. My roommates and I use the space several times per day, 7 days a week, our kitchen could use some assistance in the aesthetics department. With the help of my handy Cricut machine, I labeled and created all the necessities for a beautiful, earthy, coffee and tea bar — or our at-home café.

Jars of coffee grounds

Who needs a cabinet of disorganized coffee bags when you can maximize your space with jars that keep your grounds just as fresh? These containers are a clean palette for any labeling and designs your heart desires. I chose to keep it simple with white vinyl and a groovy font for some personality. Glass jars are my go-to because any color or design will look amazing on them!

Cricut tea bar organizer

Spoon rests

If you’re like me and also pretend you’re a barista when making your morning drink, you probably use a spoon or frother to make the perfect latte. Keeping these adorable spoon rests by my coffee and tea bar makes life so much…tastier. I chose to keep it consistent with the natural-theme of my caffeine station and display little mushrooms on my spoon rests. However you decide to design your spoon rests, make sure you use food-safe materials! I used my Cricut machine to make stencils and then painted with food-safe materials since my utensils would be touching it.

Tea organizers

Mornings can be hectic, especially when you and your housemates have different schedules, so having one place to keep your teas organized is a game changer. In a small kitchen, compartments are a must. Labeling my tea organizer is saving me time and stress over hunting for the perfect tea to get my day started.

Sugar and cream holders

For those of us who love a little sweetness in our drinks, these sugar and cream — or plant-based milk — jars are a must. Adorable and perfect to keep on display, Cricut allows me to make these just a bit more artsy. When trying to achieve a certain aesthetic in your spaces, adding accents to the little things can bring it all together. These leafy, floral designs are feeding my plant and flower obsession even more than the actual greenery around my home!

Cricut cream and sugar jars for coffee and tea bar

Are you ready for your own coffee and tea bar?

Upgrading your home’s morning fuel area is a fun way to be both crafty and utilitarian. Cricut always helps me elevate my space, even if I don’t know it’s needed. With so many possibilities, these easy DIYs — and your new coffee and tea bar — can make your days that much brighter.