Make It Big – Get to know Cricut Venture 

18 July 2023

Say hello to Cricut Venture — the new large-format cutting machine from Cricut

Sleek and friendly on the eyes, this new large-format machine combines the Cricut quality you love with commercial speeds and even greater precision. Say hello to Cricut Venture!

What makes Cricut Venture different from other cutting machines? Take a look.

Our engineering team looks at every aspect of our cutting machine lineup — including customer feedback — and uses these insights to take our next innovations to the next level. Starting from the ground up, they started with what could make Cricut Venture cut at commercial speeds at a wider width. The result? New motors and other hardware that increases machine speed to up to 25 inches per second with a cutting width of up to 24 inches. These hardware changes also increased precision with mechanical resolution of 0.006 mm/step, software resolution at 0.025 mm, and repetition accuracy of ± 0.1 mm. Speaking of repetition, did we mention Cricut Venture can cut repeated images up to 75 ft long?

Where other machines lay flat and front-load, Cricut Venture was carefully designed to save space and fit in your home or other making space. Sitting at a 45-degree angle, Cricut Venture doesn’t need 3 feet behind or in front of the machine for mat allowance like front-loading machines.

Cricut Venture with pink vinyl and large floral wall decal

Cricut Venture is packed with functionality and able to cut the most popular materials in addition to drawing, scoring, foiling, and supporting Print then Cut up to 24 in x 28 in. With a force of up to 400 gf, you can look forward to cutting and making with more than 100 different types of materials so you can make things like large 3D paper projects, extra-large vinyl wall decals, huge paper flowers, and batches of sweatshirts or other apparel items.

Assembling pink paper flowers
Paper flower wall
I Do Crew sweatshirts batch with Cricut Venture

The launch of Cricut Venture comes with an assortment of materials and accessories to help you make big. If you’re into cutting posters, cardstock, or other specialty materials, you’ll love the new performance machine mats, available in two sizes: 24 in x 12 in and 24 in x 28 in. The angle and speed of Cricut Venture required mats that could withstand forces of this machine. These stronger, more durable performance  machine mats come in the same three grips that you know and love: Light Grip, Standard Grip, and Strong Grip. These mats are great for drawing on posterboard, making batches of stickers, scoring with cardstock and even for using various scraps in one go!

Cricut Venture also works with a variety of Smart Materials so you can just load material directly into the machine without mats and start cutting faster. Using Smart Materials means you can cut longer, larger designs without having to piecemeal parts together. They’re especially useful when making projects in bulk so you don’t have to load multiple mats after each other.

We designed Cricut Venture to be beautiful and functional, helping make sure that it fits in the home both with its size and how it looks. The unique 45-degree angle for this cutting machine allows it to keep a small footprint with large impact. It’s designed to sit at the edge of a table so when cutting on a mat, you don’t need to have 3 feet behind and 3 ft in front of the machine to operate. If you’re tight on table space or want an even more functional storage solution, check out Docking Stand for Cricut Venture

Docking Stand for Cricut Venture is the perfect place for Cricut Venture to live. It has posts that keep the machine locked in place as well as roll holders to set and hold rolls of Smart Material. There are also antistatic catch baskets on either side of the machine that help keep Smart Material clean and off the floor. Easy-glide wheels allow you to move your machine around your making space, or store away the machine when not needed. Performance machine mats hang on hooks in between the catch baskets for convenient storage.

Take a look at some of the amazing projects Cricut employees have made with Cricut Venture! 

Whether you’re making larger-than-life projects or making multiples of smaller projects, Cricut Venture helps you make more in less time. If you’re an avid volunteer for your community, you have a side hustle that is on the cusp of booming, or you simply want to take your DIY game to the next level, Cricut Venture opens new possibilities. We hope this has inspired you to level up your making potential—we are anxious to see what you make! Learn more about Cricut Venture on our website.