Round up of members’ first projects

22 January 2021

We love seeing the projects you create with your machines, but nothing excites us more than your very first projects!

We know that your first project is a project you’ll never forget so here, we’ve rounded up a few first makes that we’ve spotted in some of the Cricut Facebook groups recently.

Thank you to all our members featured here for giving us their permission to share their pictures.  

Hi everyone, just wanted to show you my very first make for my daughter. I’ve had the Maker for a few weeks now but only just bought the vinyl. Not perfect but I think they turned out amazing for a first attempt!” – Jasmin, Cricut UK 

My first make, for my dinosaur mad 3 year old  ... only got my Joy today and love it so far.” – Jess.M, Unofficial Cricut UK 

“Got my Cricut Maker for Christmas (but couldn’t resist and opened it at the start of December  ). This was my first project – a travel mug for my sister who’s a nurse. She loves it! Looking forward to sharing tips and ideas  ” – Michelle G, Cricut Ireland

“I got my Cricut Explore Air 2 yesterday and this is my first ever make…” – Sarah.B, Unofficial Cricut UK 

“I did my first cut This is exactly what beginners need to think about ‘You Got This’. Don’t be scared, I was until I did this, but I found it’s really fun. Just thinking now what else I can do.” – Amy F, UK Cricut Creators

“First little piece made for myself.” – Shanice J, Cricut Ireland

Mine and my daughters first project on the Cricut. She’s 5 and loves a love heart  so she’s making these into invites for her teddies to come to a party! “– Alex. W, The Cricut Club UK 

“Had my Maker for 3 weeks or so and I was desperate to make some Christmas presents! Not perfect, but for my first attempts I’m happy ad the people who received the presents were happy too! Can’t wait to get to know my Maker better and see what else I can do.” – Emma P, Cricut Scotland

My first make!! I’m so impressed with this machine. I can’t wait to make lots of things! -Robin. M, The Cricut Club UK

Is it normal to get excited over something so simple??   This is the second time I’ve used my machine and first play with vinyl, I can tell this is going to be addictive -Hayley.S, The Cricut Club UK

We love seeing projects being shared in these groups and seeing members helping each other, sharing their hints, tips and tricks. We love our members!