Four ways to organize your apartment bathroom cabinet

22 March 2022

Living with roommates in a small apartment makes organization exceptionally important.

Getting organized starts with the big and works down to the small, meaning each room or space can be tidy overall, but true organization comes when the drawers, cabinets, and closets are also in order. This month, I decided to tackle my bathroom medicine cabinet. Holding almost anything but medicine, my medicine cabinet was in dire need of some stylish and functional upgrades. Using a Cricut Maker 3, you can try these four quick and easy ways to make it a little less daunting and a lot more fun to organize your apartment bathroom!

Shelf divisions 

In a shared bathroom environment, everyone needs some of their own space. I found dedicating the shelves of the medicine cabinet to each roommate was the easiest way to save space and confusion when finding your products. Try using a font or vinyl color that matches your personality to add some extra life to an otherwise plain room.  

Cotton swab holders

Getting down to the basics, a labeled holder for the small things is a staple for saving space. Getting rid of the clunky packaging clears up some of the shelves and helps the space look cleaner overall. I decided to label a specific jar for my cotton swabs and cotton pads to keep them clean and away from products that may dirty them, so grab your nearest container and label away!

Cotton pad jars

As I said, decorating little jars to hold the essentials never fails. Especially when designing with geometric patterns. For my cotton pads, I kept them clean with some tile-inspired stickers that match the vibe I wanted for my medicine cabinet. Organization is made better with aesthetics, so find yours and run with it!

Nail polish dishes

Similar to the small item holder, this nail polish dish is essential for keeping all the bottles in order. Taking time to pamper yourself and paint your nails is a relaxing endeavor for most, so creating this readily accessible tray with the nail necessities is a game-changer. Using Cricut and some alluring vinyl, I used a sparkling design to keep the medicine cabinet looking fresh. 

A medicine cabinet may be one of the last places you think to check when getting organized, but in a small space, it’s a must. When the smaller areas are tidied, the larger spaces follow. Thankfully, Cricut made it possible for me to give my bathroom cabinet a makeover, and now it’s time for some bigger tasks.

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