Create some holiday magic with Cricut vinyl and pens

8 December 2022

With a lot of holidays in full swing, it might be hard to come up with ideas for gifts or decorations. Have no fear, because Cricut is here! Below are some fun ways I used my Cricut and the new fall materials to create some décor and gifts for the people in my life.  

3D opaque holiday ornaments 

I love to see all the ornaments on people’s Christmas trees this time of year. Unfortunately, I don’t have any ornaments of my own since I live in a smaller apartment that doesn’t have a lot of storage (seriously, where would I put all my Christmas ornaments??). So this year, I decided to make some 3D paper ornaments with the new opaque gel pens. I chose a design I liked on Design Space and attached it to a circle, then added a score line down the middle. Once my Cricut cut and drew everything out, I glued the sides together and added some string to finish out the ornament. The best thing about this was that I already had all the materials I needed, and if it falls off my tree, it won’t break! 

Cookie kit gift 

The holiday season is the perfect time to bake cookies and give gifts, so why not combine both? I made a cookie kit mason jar as a gift to neighbor, where I measured out the ingredients and put it all in a jar so it’s easy to make (no pictures, since I gifted it before I took one!). For the tag, I used Smart Label, Writable Vinyl and a Cricut fine point pen to write out the ingredients on one side and the instructions on the other. This was super easy to make, customizable to whatever recipe you want to use, and is a great way to show you appreciate the people in your life! 

Holiday inspired gold candle wrap 

I love when my home smells good, especially when I can light a candle and smell all the holiday scents. This means I have a lot of almost finished candles that I can’t light and can’t get myself to throw away. So, I took some of the bulk Smart Vinyl, Matte Metallic in gold and made a winter scene on the outside of my candle as a candle wrap. This was a great way to repurpose an old candle and fits cozy vibe of the holiday season. 

Scrunchie stocking stuffer 

This scrunchie tag was very easy to make and makes a perfect gift tag/label. In my family, we have a tradition where all the siblings get something for each other, and my sister loves scrunchies and the color pink, so what better gift than pink scrunchies? I used Smart Label, Writable Vinyl for the circle and used a pink Glitter Gel Pen for the words. Then I inserted the cardstock through the scrunchies and stapled the top together to complete the project. I really liked how this turned out and it will fit perfectly in her stocking! 

Money tree 

With the holiday season, usually comes a lot of gifting. Maybe you’re not the best at giving gifts, or you just don’t know what someone wants. If so, this money tree is perfect! I used a dowel I had and glued green cardstock cylinders on it to create a space to hold the dollar bills. And then with Smart Vinyl, Matte Metallic, I added a star on top to give a holiday vibe. This is a great way to add some personalization and a bit of fun to a gift that would otherwise be plain. 

I hope you find some inspiration to go and create using your Cricut this holiday season! Make sure to share your projects on social media using #Cricut.