5 projects for beginners using Cricut Joy Xtra

29 August 2023

You’re starting your creative journey and you’ve got your Joy Xtra fired up and ready to create. The question now is, “What do I make?”

One of our talented creators and CAP artist, Pkay Oldham, has got you covered with five beginner-friendly projects using a variety of materials to help you become familiar with your machine and its capabilities. With these fun projects, you’ll be able to proudly say, “I made that.”

Vinyl decals

Vinyl decals are one of the best ways to personalise everything from laptops and notebooks to water bottles and home décor. Adding uplifting and motivational messages on mirrors is a great way to help you jumpstart your day and remind you that you’re so golden. Your machine will cut out any design you’d like, and with removable vinyl, you’ll be able to change out your messages depending on how you’re feeling.


Consider Joy Xtra your all-in-one machine, and one of those features being a custom label maker. Organise everything from your pantry to your craft supplies. After creating your labels in Design Space, load your Cricut Joy pen and sticker paper into the machine and let it work its magic!


A personalised birthday card definitely doesn’t say “I picked this up last minute.” Design Space offers thousands of projects that you can customise, including this groovy disco card Pkay chose. Slide your card into the card mat, load the pen of your choice, and let your Joy Xtra do all the work. Once it’s done, insert your card into the corner cuts and you’ve got yourself a one-of-a-kind card that the birthday recipient will absolutely appreciate.

Water bottle stickers

Who would have thought a great way to express yourself is through your water bottle? Joy Xtra has the ability to create stickers using the Print Then Cut feature, which allows you to print full-colour designs with your home printer and Joy Xtra will precise-cut them. With Printable Waterproof Sticker Paper and Vinyl Laminate, you’ll be making durable, professional-looking stickers in no time.

Custom shirts

In the world of DIY fashion, personalisation is key. Turn a simple blank shirt into a dazzling statement piece with Prismatic Glitter Iron-On. New to the Smart Materials collection, this iron-on vinyl is glossy, smooth to the touch and flake-free. Load the iron-on sheet directly into your Joy Xtra, apply your design to your blank shirt (Pkay used her heat press) and voila! You’ve got a custom, one-of-a-kind shirt unique to just your wardrobe.

Find these 5 beginner friendly projects in Design Space and share your creations with us by tagging #cricut!