5 ways to clean up your laundry room

30 November 2022

Clean spaces can make a huge difference. When I’m washing clothes, the last thing I want around me is a messy area. Keeping my laundry area clean and clutter-free helps me enjoy the freshness of my newly laundered clothes just a little bit more. If you’re looking for ways to clean up your laundry room or area, check out these five ideas below.

1. Laundry supply jars

Create punny labels to put some fun into this everyday chore.

Find this Laundry Jars project in Design Space.

2. Lost socks sign

If you’re prone to missing socks, this sign is for you!

Find this Lost Socks Sign project in Design Space.

3. Sorting laundry hamper

Label your laundry hamper and never turn your white clothes pink again!

Find this Laundry Hamper project in Design Space.

4. Laundry self-service tray

Create this large laundry sign using stencil vinyl for some trendy décor in the laundry room.

Find this Laundry Sign project in Design Space.

5. Subway art laundry hamper

Decorate your laundry hamper with some trendy subway art using iron-on!

Find this subway art laundry hamper project in Design Space.