5 sparkling New Year’s Eve party decorations to make

29 December 2023

Ring in the new year with loved ones, good vibes, and a fun celebration you can have right at home. If you’re hosting the festivities this year, we’ve got five dazzling decorations you can make in minutes with your Cricut machine!

New Years Glasses

Elevate everyone’s party attire with custom New Year’s Eve glasses. Using glitter cardstock and kraft board, you can customize the colors and phrases of these glasses to match the year and party theme.

Champagne Countdown Flutes

These countdown champagne flutes make the perfect toast for you and your friends to ring in the new year! Use adhesive foil or gold vinyl to add some shimmer and sparkle!

Party Boxes

Put together a fun little party kit and pack it in this fun and glamorous New Year’s Eve gift box. Pass them out to each of your guests, or have them take home as party favors!

Confetti Party Poppers

No NYE celebration is complete without confetti. Customize these confetti party poppers with gold and silver accents, fill them with confetti and let your guests welcome in the New Year with a burst of celebration!

Foil Streamers

These foil party streamers make great party decorations and are quick and easy to whip up when in a pinch. You’ll just need party foil and string to hang them up.

From sparkling champagne countdown flutes to cheery, festive new year’s glasses, adding custom touches to your party decorations adds a special element to the festivities and a welcoming environment for your guests.

Cheers to a crafty and joyous celebration! Happy New Year!