10 trendy things to make this winter

6 January 2022

Check out what images and projects people are making this winter.

Crafting in the winter often takes shape, unsurprisingly, in the form of seasonal or holiday projects. Searches for images and ready-to-make projects related to things like trees, snowflakes, candles, gift tags, and cards trend high in both social media and Cricut Design Space — which makes sense considering the sheer vast amounts of people making for holidays like Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa.

Apart from this seasonally-relevant making, however, some types of images and designs bubble to the top of the trendy list. This winter is no exception with searches for dogs, butterflies, and rainbows proving popular no matter the time of year.

Check out this list of 10 non-season specific ideas people are searching for this winter.

10. Skulls

Skulls make for versatile decoration on everything from aprons to signage. It’s no wonder we see skulls pop up year-round rather than just around Halloween-time.

9. Elephants

As symbols of good luck, prosperity, and wisdom, elephants make for popular decoration around a home. We love this iron-on pillow design, but Cricut Design Space has more than 600 images and ready-to-make projects based on elephants — including a 3D paper mask that’s a sight to behold (and make).

8. Wedding

Other than birthdays, weddings are one of the few types of events that happen year-round, making for constant searches for wedding-related images. From Just Married signs and place cards to paper flowers, and from invitations to wedding party gifts, the 4,000+ results in Cricut Design Space should be able to help with almost any creative wedding need.

7. Houses

Know someone that’s moving into a new home or looking to spruce up home decor? House images and searches are popular this season, making Cricut Design Space a great home for inspiration and ideas.

6. Gnomes

We’ve seen gnomes dressed up for New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, gardens, parties, and more. Gnomes add happiness, warmth, and even a little bit of magic to nearly any space and place.

5. Cars

This Road Trip Kit makes a handy case for toys, trinkets, and other things you may want on hand when heading out for your travels this year. More than 5k other images and projects in Design Space can help you make anything else car-related, from car decals to pinewood derby shirts to things to keep you busy on the road.

4. Rainbows

What is it about rainbows that just makes you feel good? On the rainiest day, sometimes that rainbow in the sky can really brighten up a mood. It’s no wonder that rainbows are so popular for making. Make everything from face masks to throw pillows with the rainbow projects in Design Space.

3. Hearts

Hearts in general are usually pretty popular to make with, but as we get closer to Valentine’s Day, we wouldn’t be surprised if this topped the charts by next month. The good news is that Design Space has results galore when it comes to images and ready-to-make projects. Nearly 10k results show up if you search for “hearts” in Design Space.

2. Butterflies

We knew people loved making with butterflies, and this particular search term continues to keep a stronghold in the top project ideas or images people look for in Design Space.

butterfly phone case decals

1. Dogs

With nearly 2600 images related to dogs in Design Space, there’s no shortage of things to make or pictures to make with when it comes to these furry friends. We love this dog tote, but you can basically pick a project and make anything you want when it comes to making something for or of your dogs.