Meet 4 of our new Aussie artists in Cricut Design Space!

7 November 2022

Have you heard about the Cricut Contributing Artist Program? As the Cricut Community continues to grow across the globe, the program invites artists from around the world to apply and contribute approved original artwork to the Cricut library.

Since launching, we officially have four Aussie artists onboard to inspire us with their creativity! So, without further ado, we are super excited to introduce Kim, Henriette, Kitiya and Vanessa!

Meet Artist Kim Patel

Kim’s journey with Cricut is a fairly new one. She initially bought her Cricut Maker to create stickers. 

Kim is an IT Project Manager by trade. She had friends who were using Cricut to create custom apparel and gifts, some of which they sold on Etsy. Before she knew it, she had purchased a Cricut Maker to make stickers. Handy on the design tools, Kim’s friends then asked her to design SVGs for her friends personal and business use.

And you will see why! Kim’s designs are cute and quirky. She has a range of feel-good phrases to check out!

Head over to Kim’s Cricut Design Space profile here.

Meet Artist Henriette Russouw

Henriette has been called many things in her life (mum, wife, teacher, scientist, geek) but artist was not one of them until she joined the Cricut Contributing Artist Program!

She bought her first Cricut machine in 2019 with the sole purpose of cutting carboard wheels for science classes, but as soon as she started playing with it, she realised what it could really do!

Her designs are born out of a desire to create products that help students learn in an inclusive and fun way, evoking a sense of achievement and belonging. The below design was inspired by a conversation between her co-workers, and how they wish men could see their mental health like they see car engines – the harder you drive it, or the tougher the road is, the more maintenance it needs, and maintaining it is a good thing, not something to be ashamed of. 

From unique Australian flora and fauna, to planets, anatomy and more, Henriette’s designs are a must try!

Check out Henriette’s Cricut Design Space profile here.

Meet Artist Kitiya Palaskas

Kitiya is an Australian craft-based designer and author. Her work is characterised by its bold colours and playful themes.

A long time lover of all things Cricut, Kitiya has shared many of her creations with our Cricut community, such as her mug-nificently colourful mugs, or this daisy door hanging DIY!

Check out Kitiya’s Cricut Design Space profile here.

Meet Artist Vanessa Anderson

Vanessa was a cake decorator and teacher, amassing an enormous 1.2 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. She decided to switch gears a few years ago and was searching for a new hobby. Enter Cricut! 

Since she was known for flowers with her cakes, that’s where she started with her designs for Cricut, and they are blooming good! 

Check out Vanessa’s Cricut Design Space profile here.

What do you want to see in the Cricut library? Head to our Instagram highlights @cricut_anz to tell us!