As lockdown continues it’s hard not to feel like we’re all constantly living through Groundhog Day, and now that it’s half-term, you might be looking for inspiration to keep the kids entertained this week.

Whether you’re looking for games to keep the kids amused, a fun creative project that the whole family can get involved in, or are simply looking to buy yourself an hour of quiet time whilst juggling work with child care; we’ve rounded up a whole host of creative ideas for you to get creative with the kids and your Cricut machine.

Please be aware that Cricut cutting machines contain a blade and therefore should only ever be used under adult supervision.

Dream big

Fend off half-term boredom with homemade dream catchers. All you need are some embroidery hoops, paper, pipe cleaners, and beads, and then let your children have fun customising their creations.

Not only is it the perfect lockdown activity but they’re so easy to make – you’ll find it hard not to join in yourself! You can use your Cricut to cut out the paper and cardboard decorations for the dream catcher by following this easy Design Space tutorial.

Get in the game

Matching games are great fun for kids and they are good for testing their memory skills. Plus, they are really simple to make – simply cut 20 circles out of card and draw your own pattern or image, making sure that you draw double of each design.  Or get more adventurous and create supersized games for fun on the floor.

Here are a few Design Space tutorials to get you started:

Tumbling Tower wooden block game:

Memory outdoor game:

Nature animal match game:

Popsicle match game:

Keep it simple

Have as much fun crafting as playing by creating your own Tic Tac Toe which the whole family can get involved in!

If you’re looking for a sturdier material to design your games, foam is a great option to use.

Or cut your game in window cling material for a fun twist. For a keepsake you can add Os and Xs to buttons, small tiles, or even small toys such as cars, and keep them in a drawstring bag, which you could also cut out on your Maker before adding a decal cut from iron on and applied with an EasyPress or iron.

Tic Tac Toe in a bag:

Foam Tic Tac Toe:

Create custom cards

Everyone loves to receive mail and homemade cards are fun to make and environmentally friendly. With some stationery and card, kids can create an absolute masterpiece to send to their friends or family. Not only is it a great way to encourage their imagination, but it can be really therapeutic and relaxing for children as well. Plus they can practice their best handwriting! The Cricut Joy app has over 1,000 ready to make card designs so you can get creating straight away!  Why not make them from old magazines or wrapping paper for a unique spin and a handmade feel?

BFF Card:

3D daisy card:

Back to basics with bookmarks

If your children are avid readers, DIY bookmarks are perfect for organising and keeping track of all the pages they’ve turned. Once they cut out their basic bookmark they can have fun with decorating their own design.  Why not take inspiration from their favourite literary characters?  

Read bookmark:

Animal bookmark corners:

Make your own art

With Cricut Infusible Ink pens you can let your children’s imaginations run free. After they’ve drawn a design on standard copy paper, you can apply it to Infusible Ink compatible blanks such as coasters, Tote bags, T-shirts, cosmetic bags,  and cushion covers, using the high heat of a Cricut EasyPress.

Don’t have an EasyPress? No problem, simply take a photo of your children’s line drawing or handwiring and cut it in vinyl before transfering it to a notebook cover, waterbottle, plant pot, or similar. In years to come this will become a special memory of their art from this moment in time.  

Whatever you get up to this half term, we hope it’s creative!