All the gear for the new year.

7 January 2021

If you love cardio as much as crafting then you will already be thinking about ways to personalise your gym gear with your Cricut. And if you only ever break a sweat in January whilst your new year fitness resolution game is strong, then you’ll want to procrastinate a little longer by making sure you spend more time crafting than working out.

Either way, Cricut SportFlex Iron-On vinyl is exactly what you need. This thin and lightweight material is made to stretch and flex on activewear making it perfect for yoga pants, running leggings, leotards, dance costumes, football kits, cycle shorts, and so much more. Any material that has stretch will be happy to sport this look.

It’s really easy to customise your activewear and stretchy fabrics with Cricut SportFlex Iron-On. It’s compatible with all Cricut machines, and in this video, you’ll see it’s as simple as choosing a design, cutting it on any Cricut machine (don’t forget to mirror) and applying heat to bond it to your fabric.

Hints & Tips for using Cricut SportFlex Iron-On

  1. Cricut SportFlex Iron-On is suitable for stretch fabrics like polyester and nylon. We recommend everyday Iron-On for cotton.
  2. Pre-wash fabric base materials without fabric softener to pre-shrink and remove chemicals that may prohibit strong adhesion.
  3. Remember to mirror your design before cutting – SportFlex is suitable for use with all Cricut machines.
  4. Find a solid pressing surface. You will need somewhere firm, flat, and around waist height, although sometimes the floor can be a good place to apply Iron-On designs. Be sure to avoid flimsy ironing boards.
  5. For best results, use the Cricut Heat Transfer Guide to determine recommended care instructions for your specific base material and iron-on type.
  6. We recommend waiting 24 hours before washing the item you have applied SportFlex Iron-On to.

Why not take a look at these SportFlex Iron-On projects in Design Space:

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Crafting Is My Cardio Drop Shadow Workout Top design by Anna Rose Johnson:

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Dance Jacket with LOVE design:

Leg Day Workout Clothes: