2023 DIY trends and events to make for with your Cricut

4 January 2023

Want to know the upcoming 2023 making trends? You’ve come to the right place.

We know makers love to create for all kinds of events and making moments. So we have combined this with 2023 trends so you have everything you need to get making.

Whether you make for yourself, or your friends, or make to sell, these tips should arm you with all the information you need for making in 2023.

2023 Events Calendar

2023 is going to be an exciting year. There are so many events where there is an opportunity for making – Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas will be the biggest moments for dedicating time to make.

We have collated a whole bunch of events ongoing in 2023. We even included the King’s Coronation which will be a huge moment in history for the UK so why not get involved with creations too.

Events Calendar 2023

Don’t forget the big moments

Make sure to always factor in the moments when we love to give to others. Birthdays, new baby, wedding, and new home are just a few examples of where we celebrate those milestone moments.

Reasons to make with your Cricut machine

Pinterest Predicts – the top trends of 2023

Pinterest has shared its yearly forecast on what is going to be most popular, in 2023. Here’s our breakdown of the best for making.

Parties are in

Parties of all kinds are in. Any excuse for a celebration means a party and we are totally here for it.

According to the trends report, we are going BIG on milestone birthdays, anniversaries, and summer garden parties.

Puppy pool parties are also on the rise. As the summer heats up our pawfect pooches need to cool down.

Birthday Party Ideas Cricut

Judging a home by its cover

The front of our homes are going to be a focus in 2023. Doll up your door and pamper the hallway with personalisations that reflect your home style.

2023 Cricut trends

The rise of the papercrafter

Paper crafting is on the rise. From quilling to origami, to paper art people are looking for a hands-on new activity featuring paper. People are looking for activities that help them switch off from day-to-day life and we know that crafting is the perfect solution.

Expressive art and journalling

On mindfulness, we know that making can help process thoughts and emotions and it seems that many out there agree. Journalling and ways to express through art are trending hot topics for 2023. People are empowered to find creative outlets that help them express themselves and we are here for it!

Journaling ideas Cricut

Where to find making inspiration?

On the blog we have lots of making roundups for the seasons, events and making gifts for others. You can find all inspiration here.

In the projects area of Design Space, there are lots of ready-to-make projects perfect for the themes mentioned above. You can also find projects the community has made by searching on the home page. Add in the keywords for things you want to find to discover images, Cricut-made projects, community-made projects and more.

We have our very own Cricut UK profile on Design Space where we regularly upload project ideas too.

Share your makes with us

We cannot wait to see what you create! Make sure to share with us on social media by tagging @cricut_uk on Instagram and TikTok.

Share with our community on Design Space by publishing your project live. Find out how to publish and share projects in Design Space here.