Why Cricut is a great investment

8 March 2023

The definition of a “great investment” varies from person to person, but Cricut continues to prove its worth among the necessities of crafting. No matter what Cricut machine you choose to invest in, there are so many ways to expand your creative abilities and make items that excite you.

A Cricut machine can be utilized in countless ways, so finding the right machine for you and your vision is the essential first step. Even as a newer crafter, I have already experienced some of the amazing ways Cricut can benefit my life while allowing me to pursue a creative outlet. Here are a few avenues I’ve explored using my Cricut so you can get inspired too!


Upcycling items that could use a little TLC is a resourceful way to put Cricut to work. I find the most project inspiration in plain items that I already own, and I create designs according to their size, shape, color, and so on. Reusing items you have on hand will make projects more affordable and convenient, and Cricut machines cut materials that can work with almost any base.

Since beginning my crafting hobby, I’ve used Cricut to upcycle planters, shirts, candle holders, sauce jars, picture frames, and countless other household items. Investing in a Cricut machine that will serve your crafting needs can jumpstart an upcycling habit—and trust me, it’s a hard one to break!


Giving gifts is a fulfilling activity that spreads so much happiness, how could one not enjoy it? And with a Cricut, it makes the gift-giving process more personalized and convenient. There is no need to make a trip to the store you have a Cricut machine right at home, ready to make anything gift-related. Cricut can make cards, gift tags, and even cardstock boxes customizable to suit the taste of the lucky gift recipient.

Holiday Decor

No matter the upcoming holiday, festive décor is essential to the celebration. There is no limit to the one-of-a-kind holiday decorations that hang from the walls in my home, and that is only possible with Cricut. For Valentine’s Day, the living room was a pink oasis, and during the winter holidays, my home turned into a cozy cottage. Cricut crafts are endlessly versatile, and there are projects available on Cricut Design Space for any decorative style.

With a variety of machines for any of your crafting needs, Cricut machines are a great investment. How you choose to put your Cricut machine to work is entirely up to you, and we want to see your creations. Tag us on social media using #Cricut and share why you think Cricut is a great investment!