4 ways to pretty up your pet station

28 November 2022

We’ve crafted some easy DIY ideas for you to celebrate your favorite furry friend. Check out these 4 ideas for customizing everything from pet food bowls to leashes. The most stylish pet on the block is probably yours!

1. Yum pet food bowl

This simple project puts some pizzazz in your pup’s daily routine.

Find this Yum Dog Bowl project in Design Space.

2. Pup stuff holder

The perfect place for your pup’s possessions, this project uses thick chipboard for extra dimension!

Find this Pup Stuff Keyholder project in Design Space.

3. Personalized dog collar

Add your dog’s name to their collar to show off their personality.

Find this Personalized Dog Collar project in Design Space.

4. Kitty collar bandana

This reversible bandana slips right over a regular quick-release cat collar, and is perfect for any cat that wears a collar.

Find this Kitty Collar Bandana project in Design Space.