Refresh home decor with personalized glassware

30 May 2022

The best canvas to work with is the one you already have.

Give your home decor an easy refresh with personalized glassware that can change with the season. With some adhesive vinyl and a Cricut cutting machine, adding new life to a plain glass couldn’t be easier. Whether you’re hosting a party or simply want to add some color to the dining table, bold colors and designs put your personality on a platter for everyone to enjoy.

Find dozens of ready-to-make projects in Cricut Design Space by searching for “glassware,” or make your own design. You can even add an extra touch of personalization by adding names or other unique designs to a ready-made project so that you don’t have to start completely from scratch.

Want to get started? Try out this Personalized Fruit Glasses project, completely ready for you to make in Cricut Design Space.

Personalized glassware created with a Cricut machine, set of six glasses

Personalized glassware with fruit designs

Step 1: Prep your design

Find this ready-to-make project in Cricut Design Space by searching for “fruit glasses” or visiting the Personalized Fruit Glasses project page. Though we show the design using pre-selected colors and names, you can completely edit this to make it your own. Just click “Customize” on the project page and use the Edit panel to make changes. You can edit the text by using the text tool to select the words you want to change and typing in your desired letters.

If you want to make sure that the words and images are cut exactly as shown in Cricut Design Space, select both of those items in the app and click on the “Attach” button. This connects the image and text together so that it’s all aligned and in place when you cut your materials and make it easier to put on your personalized glassware later.

Fruit designs on a phone using the Cricut Design Space mobile app

Step 2: Start cutting

Once your design is ready, click “Make It.” Cricut Design Space will lead you through on-screen prompts to show you how to cut your design on the vinyl. You’ll repeat the process for each color of vinyl you decide to cut. For this project, we show the design in six different colors, but you can select as many colors as you need or want for your personalized glassware.

A note about your vinyl: to make sure the vinyl lasts through regular use and washes, use permanent vinyl. This also works great if you’re giving away the personalized glassware at the end of your meal — your guest can take the glass home as a goody bag gift. If you’re personalizing glassware for one-time use, try removable vinyl instead. That way, you can take off the vinyl after you’ve used the glassware and personalize it again for your next event.

Personalized glassware design cutting on vinyl in a Cricut cutting machine sitting on table with plain glasses

Step 3: Remove the excess vinyl and transfer

Use weeder tool to remove unneeded vinyl pieces from your design after its cut. When your machine cuts, it only cuts along the design lines. That means that there is extra material you may not want to keep on your glasses. All of that should be weeded and discarded.

Once you’re done weeding, place Transfer Tape on top of the design. The Transfer Tape adheres to your vinyl temporarily so that you can peel it off of the backer all in one group and reapply it elsewhere (like your glassware). If you’ve ever used a sticker or decal that you’ve placed on a car window, or ever used a screen protector for your phone or laptop, this is pretty similar to that experience.

To make sure the Transfer Tape adheres to your vinyl properly, use a Scraper Tool. If the Transfer Tape does not adhere, you may not be able to lift the vinyl off the backer — or it may even tear the vinyl while you’re peeling.

After lifting the design off of the backer with your Transfer Tape, place the design on your glassware and then use the Scraper Tool to smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles. Before transferring, make sure the surface is clean and dry. A lint brush and some alcohol wipes can help remove any oil or dust particles from the surface. Once everything is in place, peel the transfer tape off your glassware and the vinyl should stay in place.

Pro tip: When weeding, start from the inside of your design and then move outwards. This helps you make sure you’re removing the right pieces of vinyl.

Person holding a glass personalized with the name Jess and an image of blueberries, peeling off a piece of transfer tape

Toast to new personalized glassware!

That’s it! Three steps to personalized glassware. Now that you’re done, raise your glass and toast to your refreshed home decor!

Finished personalized glassware sitting on wood table with Cricut cutting machine in background