Meet the Contributing Artist series

7 April 2023

Welcome to our Meet the Cricut Contributing Artist series, our showcase of the creative power behind the Contributing Artist Program.

Cricut created the Contributing Artist Program to enhance the content offered in Cricut Design Space. As the Cricut community continues to expand globally, we envision Design Space as a place that reflects the growing diversity of our members so you can find that just-right image for every occasion, holiday, season, and reason. This program helps us meet that goal.

Through this new series, we will spotlight some of our contributing artists to showcase their style and creativity. We hope you follow along and get to know a little bit more about what goes on behind the scenes, what inspires their work, and how they hope to, in turn, inspire you.

About the Contributing Artist Program

Cricut invites independent artists to share their work through the Contributing Artist Program, and now boasts more than 250 artists from 30 different countries uploading thousands of new images and designs each week. Unique styles are expressed through this contributed artwork, giving you more possibilities for ideas and inspiration for your next Cricut project.

We believe the Contributing Artist Program enhances the member experience while also supporting and rewarding independent artists. When you use contributed artwork, you directly support an independent artist. Artists that contribute work to this program receive payment for cuts using their designs, whether purchased through Cricut Access or a la carte.

To find images created by contributing artists, check out the bottom of each image to find the artist’s name and the official Contributing Artist badge. To view their profile and see more of their work, just click on the artist’s name. You can follow your favorite artists through their Design Space profile and receive notifications when they upload new work.

Contributed designs show up in the Featured section of the Design Space homepage, and in image search filters. To search for and browse images and designs by contributing artists, filter your search by selecting “Creator,” then “Contributing Artist Program.”

Make the most of your Cricut Access subscription

The Cricut Access membership already includes contributed artwork, so you can already find these designs and project ideas to use today in Design Space. With so much new content being added each week, the Contributing Artist Program is a great way to stay on top of what’s fresh and trending. Already optimized for Cricut machines, the contributed artwork gives you more content to start making now instead of spending that time searching through the internet for inspiration and tweaking projects to make them work for you.

Don’t have a Cricut Access membership yet? You can still browse and purchase contributed designs a la carte to take advantage of our ever-growing library.

Jennifer Starr with Cricut Maker

Share what you make

So go ahead! Find and follow your favorite new artists and share the projects you make with their designs. We’d love to see what you make. Be sure to tag your projects on social with #cricut!

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