5 home organization ideas to make with your Cricut

It always seems like a constant struggle to keep my home clean and organized, and with the coming of spring and summer, it felt like a perfect time to get things tidy. Here are five home organization ideas I created using my Cricut machine!

Game controllers labels

While this doesn’t seem like something that needs to be organized, I would argue there’s a lot of value in labeling the things you have! The number of times I have brought my Nintendo Switch controllers over to a friend’s house and had to mentally keep track of which one was mine is astronomical. Use removable vinyl or permanent vinyl to make these Nintendo Switch labels.

Kitchen bin labels

When I first moved into my home, under the sink was not a priority, so it became a dumping ground. Labeling each bin with kitchen sink organizer labels, I was finally able to declutter and organize the space under my kitchen sink. All I used were plastic bins and some gold vinyl to accomplish this feat.

Refrigerator calendar

Planners and calendars are the best way to stay on top of important dates and day-to-day tasks. Placing a calendar in an area you are likely to look at every day is, like in the kitchen on the fridge, is a perfect spot. I prefer a month view, so I used Cricut dry erase vinyl and Cricut Smart Vinyl to make this made this fridge calendar. My favorite part is that the dry erase vinyl is removable, so if I don’t like it later on, I can easily remove it!

Bathroom jar labels

The cabinet under the sink in my bathroom was no better than the one in my kitchen. To declutter, I decided to distribute the mess to part of the counter. When I can’t hide things in a cabinet, it makes me more inclined to keep that area clean. I got two glass containers, customized the font and size, cut out the labels using smart vinyl in white. These bathroom containers keep the smell items organized and looks cute on the counter.

Drawer labels

Labeling drawers makes reaching for the items I need a little quicker. While I don’t necessarily need a reminder of where my things are, other people in my house do. These drawer labels are a great way to prevent any confusion when putting things away.

I hope you found some of these home organization ideas helpful, and maybe you’ve been inspired to pull out your Cricut and organize a few things around the house. If you create any of these projects, make sure to share them on social media using #cricut!