We're Cricut

About us.

From the beginning, our dream has been to help people lead creative lives by providing tools to make their do-it-yourself projects beautiful, fun, and easy. When we built our first cutting machine, we saw the potential for a simple yet powerful tool to completely transform the way people think about crafting, designing, and making. Since then, we’ve continued to innovate with new machines, materials, and tools, and Cricut users worldwide continue to amaze us with the personal, meaningful, and unique things that they make.

Empowering creativity.

Every day, our customers share their inspiring stories with us. We’ve learned that DIY enriches people’s lives in countless ways. It’s a creative outlet, a therapeutic tool for self-expression, and a way to give and connect to others. We are truly inspired to be part of an experience for our customers that is both personally meaningful and universally inclusive.

The heart of Cricut.

Our people are the heart and soul of our little company. We are passionate about creating amazing products that make our customers happy. We value candor, trust, hard work, integrity, and collaboration. And we strive to be as employee-friendly as we can, offering full benefits and a family-friendly environment.

Ready to be creative in life and at work?