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Terms & Conditions

Cricut discourages spamming. Please ensure that prior to providing Cricut with referral details, each referral is happy for you to do so. You should only send referral messages to friends and family who genuinely want to receive them. We will use their information to send them an email on your behalf with the coupon code explained below. We will not retain their information after sending this email nor will these details be used for any other purpose; however, if your referral(s) has(have) already subscribed to receive Cricut emails, they will continue to do so. By filling out this form and continuing, you are directing Cricut to send an offer to your referral(s) at the email address(es) you have provided and hereby authorize Cricut to share your first name, last name, and status as a Cricut Member within that email.

By participating in any of Cricut’s Referral Programs, you agree to these Cricut Referral Program Terms and Conditions, including the following:

  • The offers and coupon codes contained herein are valid only in the United States and only for legal residents who are at least 18 years or older (“Offer Parameters”).
  • By filling out this form, you agree that you meet the Offer Parameters defined above and are also an "active Cricut customer” defined as a Cricut customer who has made a purchase on within the last twelve (12) months from the same e-mail address set forth in this form.
  • Please note, your referrals may not receive the offer email if they have previously opted out of receiving email marketing communications from Cricut or have previously referred in Cricut's Referral Programs.
  • For each referral provided in the form below who (i) meets the Offer Parameters, (ii) has not previously opted out of receiving email marketing communications from Cricut (each, a “Referral”), and (iii) has not been previously been referred to this Referral Program, will be provided with a $15 off coupon code the Referral can use at checkout with the same e-mail address only for machine or EasyPress purchases made on This $15 off coupon code is valid for only thirty (30) days from the date of such e-mail.
  • If and when a Referral makes their first applicable purchase on using their coupon code before its expiration, such Referral will deem a“Qualified Referral. Any additional or subsequent machine or EasyPress purchases made by a Referred Customer do not qualify for more coupon codes sent to you.
  • Subject to the foregoing sentence, for each applicable Qualified Referral, you will receive a $15 off coupon code valid for any purchase made on after the Qualified Referral made their machine or EasyPress purchase as explained above. Your coupon code will be valid and eligible only for purchases made through the Cricut account associated with your email address set forth on this form. Coupon codes you receive may be used only one at a time but can be used for any type of purchase made on except purchases for Cricut Access, and no minimum purchase is necessary. In the unlikely event, your checkout care is less than $15, no cashback, credit, or rollover will be granted. All such coupon codes are one-time use only, may not be redeemed for cash or a cash equivalent, and are each valid for only thirty (30) days from the date of issuance to you.
  • You may fill out this form more than once (i.e., refer more than four) but Cricut will not tolerate spam or the use of purchased or harvested lists of emails; such excessive or prohibited use of this program will not be tolerated and will result in immediate termination of your account and the deactivation of corresponding referral links and coupon codes. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Cricut reserves the right to set an annual limit on the number of Qualified Referrals earned by any single Referring Customer. This Offer is not valid and any coupon codes will not be honored for self-referrals, fraudulent transactions, or incentivized transactions
  • Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein or elsewhere, Cricut reserves the right to cancel any of its Referral Programs or change these terms and conditions at any time in its sole and absolute discretion.
  • For more information about this program, or any additional questions/concerns, please contact Cricut Member Care by visiting