11 March 2021
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It turns out that you don’t need to brave bad weather, crowds, or traffic to get a good yoga session in.

If you’ve got a will, there’s a way. And even if you don’t have a full open guest room to create a souped-up meditation room with luxurious floor cushions and different colored yoga mats to match your mood, you can create a perfect workout area in whatever small space you’ve got. 

Whether you have a basement or a corner space in a basement, you can unwind – body and soul – at home and keep your equipment from cluttering your space. Creating the perfect mini yoga studio is all about working with what you already have and coming up with creative solutions for storage and styling. So get ready to get centered in your new and improved home yoga studio!

Custom Cricut Small home Yoga studio tips.

Make some space

You don’t need an entire room or even a spacious area to be a successful at-home yogi. Keep all of your props in one designated area (even if that’s a corner of your room) and pull them out when you’re ready to get centered. Small spaces are best utilized when each room serves myriad purposes and can be easily transformed when needed.

Woman smiling rolling up yoga mat


Yoga is all about clearing your head and being quiet with yourself but it can be hard to get into doing it at home when all you see around you is things that need to be done: your unmade bed, a stack of unopened mail, dirty laundry in the hamper. Start your yoga session with a decluttered space. Add in things that are meaningful to you or make you feel at peace like a plant or low-light lamp. You should feel calm in your space and not distracted by any of the things around you.

Woman sitting with eyes closed

Add scents

Scents from candles and essential oils can help uplift and energize your yoga practice and destress your mind. Incorporate your favorite scents into your session to create an even more immersive practice at home.

Add sounds

Playing slow-tempo, soothing music will help you get into the flow. If you’re not sure what to play, search for premade yoga playlists – there are tons to choose from!


One of the perks of practicing at an actual yoga studio is leaving your phone at the door. You don’t have to listen for the “ding” of your phone while you try to focus on your practice. At home, though, this can be a challenge. Try keeping your phone on silent while you do your yoga session. Keep it in a different room if you need to! Clear your head by going through your phone and checking for things that need to be done and texts that need to be answered before you begin your practice.

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