Win the crafting game with these 6 picks for football season

9 September 2021

Cricut is your quarterback for crafting in the football season. Check out these 6 ideas to show your team support on and off-season.

Football fans across the U.S. rejoice: the roar of fans in the bleachers (and at home) grows louder by the day. We’re officially live and running with regular-season football at every level.

1. Bleacher seats are a football fan’s best friend

Personalize bleacher seat backs with your name, favorite saying, or team colors for a look that’s all your own. As a football and lacrosse mom, I put our last name and my sons’ jersey numbers on the back of my bleacher seats so that everyone knows exactly who I’m cheering on.

bleacher seat customized with the name "Moss"

2. Give me a “T” for the cheer squad

Give your biggest cheerleaders a shirt to show their love for the team. Whether it be for your “leader of the cheer squad” or just getting people to “scream, shout, and make some noise,” these personalized t-shirts speak volumes. Need a few more ideas? Check out our article on more DIY football shirts.

orange shirt on young child that reads "Scream, Shout, Make Some Noise"

3. Show your support on the road

Show your team support with these car window decals both on and off-season, whether you’re headed to a game, or just driving around town. We love this football helmet take on the basic family stick figure decal.

orange and white football helmet decals on car window

4. Perfect personalization for a tailgate

Take your tailgate theme to the next level with personalized cups and drinkware. Simple decals add to the fun and excitement, pumping up your friends and family for kickoff.

Woman holding little girl, with personalized plastic cup and "cheer squad" shirt
football decal to "Play Hard. Win" on water bottle

5. Cornhole, football edition

Speaking of tailgates, there’s nothing like a game of cornhole to entertain yourself while you wait for that opening whistle. Permanent vinyl will create that long-lasting look, while removable decals let you change it up with every game — or every sport.

Cornhole board and orange beanbags with football play design

6. Put the ball in your hands

The game is in your hands now, with these mason jars made to look like footballs. It’s amazing what a little vinyl can do to a simple glass jar. Fill these up with your favorite beverage, pop in a paper straw, and enjoy the compliments!

mason jars customized to look like footballs

What are you making to celebrate the return of football? Share your game-winning crafts with us using #cricutmade.