28 May 2021
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Do you ever feel like you are tidying your home over and over again, in a never-ending cycle of mess and clutter? Have you tried setting up organizing systems, but they never seem to stay organized for very long?

I’m Cassandra Aarssen, an organizing expert, owner of Clutterbug™ and the host of HGTV’s Hot Mess House. I’ve helped thousands of clients end the cycle of clutter for good, and my biggest secret for staying organized long term? Labeling.

Size matters

Labeling is truly magic. Labels send a subconscious reminder to your brain saying “this is where that item belongs, put it back here when you are done.” 

When it comes to labels, size matters. You need your labels to be large enough that you can see them from across the room. Tiny, handheld label makers really only work for file folders and small containers. If you want your home to stay tidy all the time, you need your bins, baskets, and other containers to silently shout at you!

Cassandra demonstrates how to add vinyl decals and logos to felt cube bins.

Labels CAN be beautiful

A lot of people are put off by the idea of labeling because they assume labels will make their space feel too industrial, or take away from their home décor. I’m here to show you how labels can enhance your home décor, not detract from it.

Adorable icons can be ironed on fabric bins with Cricut vinyl to create beautiful toy organization. Pretty script font can be cut with vinyl and attached to any plastic bin or basket, or used on chalkboard labels for gorgeous organization. A pretty label really does take organizing AND home décor to the next level.

Contain your clutter

When organizing any space, you are really just creating categories for your belongings and storing these categories together in a container. A huge reason why so many fail to stay organized is that they aren’t zoning their home with categories, and they are not containing those categories to ensure that organization will last.

When you dedicate a space in your home for say, keepsakes, be sure to put each category of keepsakes in a container and have those containers clearly labeled. If this sounds ridiculously simple, that’s because it is! Don’t overthink organization. Grab some containers, sort, and label!

It’s faster than you think

I use my Cricut Joy™ to create beautiful, custom labels for my home, and for my client’s homes, and it’s much faster than you think! Cricut Design Space comes with some many amazing home labeling options that are already designed for you!

Simply create a new project and then select PROJECTS on the right-hand side. Search for labels and select from a number of beautiful and pre-designed labels that are ready to cut! I LOVE the Zooey Deschanel pantry and fridge labels that are available in Design Space. Simply select the project you want, load your mat with vinyl and press GO! 

My fridge has been transformed with some simple bins and labels and honestly, my entire family is making healthier choices now that our food looks so appetizing. What are you waiting for? Use your Cricut Joy™ to make some labels and finally get organized for good!