The one roll challenge

No, we’re not talking toilet paper here, we’re talking vinyl. How creative can you be? How many awesome projects can you make with a single roll of vinyl?I thought it was only fair to take the challenge myself, and since my favorite holiday is quickly approaching, I created three Valentine’s Day projects, all with a single roll of white vinyl.

Food, fun & flirty

After a busy week, a date night with my hubby usually is a movie on the couch (with one of us falling asleep halfway through the flick).  To add a little spark back, I decided to create this fun date night idea box.  Using my white vinyl, I made a card with date ideas – some are fun, some include food, and some are flirty (I’ll let you use your imagination on that one)!

Love My Phone Case

This past Christmas, Santa brought me a little something I’ve been wanting – a new phone!  It’s been a few weeks of a boring black phone case so I decided it was time to add a little touch of me to it.  Voilà!

Marvelous Manicure

Okay, so I cheated a tiny bit on this one.  I started with simple white mini heart designs, but then I decided a line here and heart there.  As usual, I got a little carried away as I designed, and the next thing you know, I added pink forgetting all about the challenge.  Oops!  But rest assured, a simply white decal with red or pink polish would have looked just as good!

Tell us in the comments, what projects did you make with a single roll?