We’ve never felt closer than during this time apart

2 April 2020

While we all commit to staying physically apart, the current situation is bringing us closer together than ever before. Acts of kindness have helped people connect more with loved ones, bring joy to communities and even, inspire strangers.  

People everywhere are coming out to support the call for homemade face masks. In our community alone, over 130,000 face masks have been cut on Cricut machines and that number increases every day.

There’s a physical need to create as well as an emotional one. Hundreds of thousands have joined #aworldofhearts movement to inspire people around the world with images of hearts on windows, sidewalks and throughout communities.

And sometimes all it takes is a simple project tmake the time go by faster, keep the kids occupied, celebrate a local hero (like a healthcare workeror bring a smile to someone’s face. 

These acts, among so many others, celebrate the heart of our mission—to help people lead creative lives. Cricut is just one small piece in this fight together, but our community makes us feel mighty.  

We’re here for you. Please continue sharing those ideas and creations because you are an inspiration.