11 February 2021
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With savory and salty flavors, a charcuterie board is always a crowd-pleaser.

Upgrade the traditional meat-and-cheese platter with heart-shaped sweets and red and pink seasonal candies for a festive Valentine’s Day spread.

Dessert Charcuterie board with Removable Vinyl made with Cricut.

The board

Start with a charcuterie board that’s sized right – you’ll want to be able to fill it entirely with snacks. Traditional charcuterie boards are wooden or bamboo, but you can also use a serving tray. 

Decide where you will lay out your different snack items so that you have enough room to place them all. Take your planning to the next level by using Premium Vinyl™ to label each space. Plus, add a fun touch to your board with a custom message, like this “Chocolate Made Me Do It” Vinyl project.* 

*Removable Premium Vinyl stays removable for up to two years without residue, so you can reuse your charcuterie board for different occasions! 

Dessert Charcuterie board with cookies and candy.

The goodies

Variety is essential for creating a delicious and festive charcuterie board. Create a diverse board both visually and in regard to taste with plenty of colors, textures, and flavors. Opt for decadent desserts like cupcakes and cookies and mix in bite-sized mini treats like chocolates and candy hearts. Keep those without a sweet tooth intrigued with savory goodies like pretzels or crackers. When it comes to presentation, an assortment of colors and textures will give your board the best chance to wow. 

Go the extra mile with dips that are compatible with a few of your snack items like peanut butter or chocolate spread. 

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