2 June 2021
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It’s your go-to space for chucking dirty shoes, wet raincoats, and dog leashes, so it’s no surprise that your mudroom doesn’t exactly age well.

With these five small updates, you can fake a new mudroom anytime yours is looking a little worn.

Mudroom Ideas and Updates "Thankful" doormat.

Designate a spot for dirty shoes

Instead of walking over mismatched shoes each time you venture into the mudroom, designate a spot for dirty shoes like a doormat or tray. Keep it placed conveniently by the door so it’s top of mind for every muddy rainboot-ed guest to remove their shoes. Keeping shoes in one spot will clear up floor space and keep your mudroom free from dirty footprints.

Updates to the Mudroom Decorative storage bench

Hide your storage

Perhaps the most practical storage solution for your mudroom is a bench with hidden storage, like this DIY version. Use it as a seat to remove your shoes before storing them for the season (hidden storage is great for winter coats and boots as the weather starts to warm up).

Storage crate for dog

Use baskets to divide and organize

Even if you don’t have a multi-purpose storage solution like a storage bench, you can make your own with baskets or bins. Slide personalized bins on your shelf for a more polished mudroom.

Labeled classroom cubbies

Create custom labels

Make it easy to stay organized with customized shelves or cubbies. Section off your mudroom and designate spaces for everyone to avoid the ever-growing “pile.”

Pup stuff wall hanging with hooks

Hang stuff up

Stuff like dog leashes and purses often end up in a tangled mess in a cluttered mudroom. Hang them up with heavy-duty wall hooks to make them easier to find.

If refreshing your home this spring doesn’t stop at the mudroom, find even more creative ways to make your home feel fresh with these kitchen DIYs.