Experience Level: Beginner

Time Commitment: 1.5 hours (my time) / 2 hours (my kiddo’s time)

It’s day six of home quarantine – anyone else getting a little cabin fever? You are not alone! Today’s project: personalize items I already have laying around the house to keep my sanity.

I came up with this plan after my daughter told me, “I’m bored,” at 9:30 in the morning.  So, we turned today’s making challenge into a scavenger hunt game of craft projects around the house.

What was the first blank she found to personalize? The hood of my SUV (apparently, white is boring). NOPE! I figured that was when we needed to set some ground rules (like, no cars). After we established a few boundaries, the hunt began (again).

For the next hour, my daughter wandered the house to find several items to personalize. For today’s projects, we narrowed our focus to five items.

Here are the basics (items you likely already have that) we gathered together:

Classic Candle

I love monograms! I would put them everywhere if my husband would let me. Since I tend to go a little overboard on these, I limited myself to where I would add a new “S.” Candles are small (maybe my hubby won’t notice) and temporary, so… I craft away.

Materials Used:

Premium Vinyl™ Textured Metallic

This was a simple project – a single image and single layer. Once the image was cut, I peeled it like a sticker and applied it to the candle – no Transfer Tape required. My image was small, around 2 inches. If you are using a larger image, you will likely want to use Transfer Tape to make application easier.

Good As New Notebook

I was given a notebook with an imprinted logo on the front that I didn’t love. Personalize over the logo – problem solved.

Materials Used:

Patterned Vinyl

Solid Removable Vinyl

Transfer Tape

This was a three layer vinyl project. The first two layers were simple. I just peeled away vinyl that was not needed and used what remained like stickers. For the final layer, “Notes,” I used Transfer Tape to make sure the letters were straight and spaced evenly.

I’m Not a Morning Person Tumbler

Can you believe there was a coffee tumbler in my house that hadn’t been personalized yet? It’s true. Though, it’s also no longer the case – project complete.

Materials Used:

Permanent Vinyl (so that it doesn’t wash away when you wash the tumbler)

Transfer Tape

I forget that words can be a bit more effort to transfer. TIP: If I were doing this project again, I would have reverse weeded it.

Our Kitchen is Easter Ready

Now that St. Patrick’s Day is over, we are on to the next holiday. Easter is just a few weeks away, and a kitchen towel was an easy project that took mere minutes.

Materials Used:

Glitter Iron-On

I already had my EasyPress Mini out so I applied each egg individually onto the towel rather than all at once. So simple!

Canvas Coloring Book

My daughter is a soon-to-be crafting diva; she prefers to paint rather than use crayons. These days, when we are stuck at home, painting isn’t such a bad thing. She really enjoys taking her time which allows me more time to get things done around the house.

Materials Used:

Everyday Iron-On

I took several images and combined them onto one canvas in Design Space. Then, I pressed it onto the canvas with Everyday Iron-On. I could have used a variety of unique colors, but I wanted my daughter to use her imagination. I didn’t want to limit her so I created all the outlines in black for her to color in on her own.

We hope these projects inspire you with items of your own creation. Tell us what you’ve made recently!