The perfect custom bookshelf

2 September 2022

There’s no hiding it—I love reading. Most of my friends, family, and roommates do too, so I began to wonder, how can I make a custom bookshelf for me? You can always run to the store and buy bookshelf décor, but where is the fun in that? So I found a few Cricut-creative ways to make a custom bookshelf that’s one of a kind!

Custom bookshelves are a great way to show off your imagination and give pops of your personality in smaller spaces. I kept the basics of my bookshelf simple while adding some accents of color to bring it to life. Try out some of the below ideas to start!

Customized bookends for your custom bookshelf

Bookends are the glue that holds bookshelves together. They keep everything in place while giving the shelves some style. Cricut has so many vinyl options, that it’s such an easy way to liven up even the most mundane bookends. I chose to use letters with a simple border, but there are endless possibilities for your own shelf!

Cardstock art

After some styling research, I realized bookshelves can display much more than just books. This space is an opportunity for dimension and texture! That is why I used my Cricut Maker 3 to make framed art from leftover cardstock and vinyl. This artsy bookshelf project was a fun way to add even more color to the shelves.

Magazine rack organizers for your custom bookshelf

Books are not the only things you can put on a bookshelf! Magazines, newspapers, or any readable collection are worthy of display. I decided to decorate a plain magazine holder to give these publications a place on my bookshelf. These projects are my favorite because you can keep them simple with a label, or get innovative with complex decals.

Custom bookshelf with a TBR Book Bin

One thing I rarely see on bookshelves is a dedicated space for the awesome stories you haven’t read yet. I repurposed this plain bin to hold all of my unread books, so they are easy to find once I’m ready for my next book. This project is quick and simple to create with any well-sized container you might have on hand.

Those are just a few ideas to create a custom bookshelf, and while a bookshelf might not be the first thing that comes to mind when reorganizing and restyling your space, it is entirely worth it. New projects are waiting to be created, and this bookish take on Cricut crafts is a wonderful way to do so.

Keep on crafting, and when you need a break, take one of those books off your new bookshelf and get to reading…just don’t forget to show off your personalized shelf  to friends, family, and the rest of the world using #Cricutmade on social media!