The importance of a reading area and how to create one

30 August 2022

The new school year has started, and whether you’re a classroom teacher, or homeschool parent, the back-to-school season is the perfect opportunity to get your scholars excited about reading.

As an early childhood educator, I highly recommend any learning space to include a designated reading area, often called a reading corner. This is a place where children can go to find books they’re interested in and where they feel comfortable and welcomed. A reading corner can also help to build confidence, develop literacy skills, and promote a positive learning community.

Here are a few ways you can create an inviting reading corner that your students will love:

Incorporate a variety of books

By including multiple genres of books, children will be able to find books that interest them, which will encourage them to read more. Be sure to also include books that you’ve read together, so students can revisit them on their own time.


When I decorated my reading corners, I found that using my Cricut Maker was the best way for me to create custom decor. This Reading Corner Wall Decal in Design Space is the perfect design to use. Vinyl is a mess-free option to decorate the walls, and if you want to get more creative, you can create stencils with Cricut Smart Stencil vinyl and paint your reading corner. If possible, I would recommend having your students’ input in the decorating process. This will allow them to feel a bit of ownership in the reading area and will want to spend more time there!

Make it comfortable

Explicitly teach your students how to keep the reading corner nice and tidy so it can be inviting at all times. Include comfortable items for readers to relax on such as large pillows, bean bags, or soft chairs. Be sure to also incorporate appropriate lighting in your reading corner that is not too bright, but not too dim.

I can’t wait to create my reading corner this year and I hope you found some of the tips above helpful so you can create one that your class and children will love!