Take home organization to the next level with labels

3 February 2022

Cas Aarsen of Clutterbug, and host of HGTV's Hot Mess House, shares why labels are magic for home organization.

Are you craving a beautifully organized home, but you just don’t know how to make it look like the professionally organized spaces you see online? It’s all about the labels.

I have organized hundreds of homes, helped millions of families get organized online, and I’m the host of HGTV’s Hot Mess House. Making home organization pretty and practical is totally my jam, but you don’t have to be (or hire) a professional to get the same results.

My secret weapon is the Cricut Joy. This little baby comes everywhere with me, whether I’m working on my own home, a client’s home, or I’m filming a tv show — it’s the custom labels I create that really step up my organizing game.

Here is why labeling is magic:  

Labels keep your home tidy

Have you ever wondered why kindergarten classrooms have labels absolutely everywhere? Because they actually make people put things away on a subconscious level, even small children. You can trick yourself into tidying as you go by signaling to your brain: “THIS is where I put the item in my hand when I’m done using it”. You do this by using labels that are large enough to see across the room.

Yep, size matters. Big, beautiful labels are like magnets for your stuff, just sucking things back into their homes, without you even realizing you are doing it. Now that is magical.  

Labels save you time

When everything has a home and those homes have a label, it’s pretty impossible to misplace anything. Not only that, but finding what you need is lighting fast because it’s so obvious where everything is! Have a headache? Look in the bin labeled “medicine” for a pain reliever. We even label the inside of our fridge, so the ketchup is always in the “condiments” section on the inside the door. Do I go overboard? Probably, but the time savings have been incredible and as an added bonus, every single person in my home (including guests) never have to ask me where anything is.

Labels give a custom, high-end look

The difference between an organized space and a beautifully organized space is the feeling of cohesiveness. Your pantry may have a combination of woven baskets, jars and plastic bins, but you can make it feel put together and custom by using the same labels on all of your different containers. Gorgeous labels are as much a part of home décor as they are part of home organization.

So, what do you need to create pretty and practical organization that feels cohesive and helps keep your home tidy? Grab your Cricut Joy, open the free Cricut Design Space app on your phone and choose a font that you love. My go-to font is Babette, a fun and elegant script that works in any space in my home. Once you have chosen your home’s signature font, type in the labels you need using your Design Space app and your Cricut Joy will cut them in minutes!

I like using removable Smart Vinyl for my labels, because it’s simple to apply and easy to remove, without damaging my products. I also use my Cricut Joy pen to write and cut labels for my go-to organizing basket, The Container Store’s Mocha Water Hyacinth Storage Bins with bin clip labels. Fast, easy, functional and beautiful organization in minutes.

Don’t have a Cricut Joy yet? The Cricut Joy is now sold in The Container Store, which makes for an Organizing Dream Team! Get your Cricut Joy Home Labeling Starter Kit, and start making BIG and BEAUTIFUL labels for your bins, baskets, jars and all of your organizing solutions. It’s time to take your home’s organization to the next level!