We at Cricut pride ourselves on the variety and amount of images that we make available for our members through our Design Space software. In fact, we have a browse-worthy batch of more than 100,000 images to choose from!  

But that said, we should note that understanding which images and projects are a good fit for your skill level can be a challenge when you first start out (yes, even though we work here that doesn’t mean we’re all experts!)  

This post is aimed at beginning-to-intermediate level Cricuteers – those who may have made a few successful projects and are looking for a challenge. If that’s you, read on. 

First thing to know

There is more than one way to find potential projects to make. By using the “Images” icon on the left side of the Canvas to browse for potential projects (instead of the home screen), you get to a search bar that will be your best friend going forward! 

Now, it’s time for a quick difficulty level check. Search for “Valentine cards” and insert some of the images on the Canvas. 

Most of these images are already prepared for cutting – no attaching or welding is required 

Determining the Difficulty

Checking the Layers panel in the upper right corner of the screen will tell you how many cuts you’ll have to make, which is agauge of difficulty (it relates to the number of colors or different materials you will have to cut and assemble to make the project). A panel with just a handful of layers (say 4-5) will be easier thana complex layers panel of eight items.

Looking for easier projects?  Check out these 30 minutes or less Valentine’s Day projects.

One More Tip

Click on the eyes on the right side of each panel to start to see how the project goes together. It’s a great way to begin to understand how the whole system works.  

Give it a try, and, Happy Valentine’s Day!