Spring into style with these refreshing ideas

21 March 2022

The arrival of Spring means it's time for a style refresh! These four easy DIY project ideas make endless possibilities for Spring style.

As the early months of the year fall behind us, we are slowly moving intoSpring. For most,Spring means cleaning, but for me, the new season means a style refresh! This can be applied to any and all aspects of your life from clothes to hairstyle to habits—and this year, the season of growth signifies a time for a change around the house and in daily routines. Cricut is with me every step of the way, making it beyond easy to prepare for Spring and revive my space and mind!

Recycled planters

When crafting with Cricut, I always circle back to plants. They are the most versatile form of home decor that brings clarity to any space. Creating fun and fresh planters and pots is an easy way to upcycle some of the random tins and jars we all have around the house. To stay on theme with the approaching season, I chose to add little bees and sunshine to my plant holders, but the symbols of spring are endless.

Produce totes

As a college student, I am becoming more in tune with the dos and don’ts of grocery shopping like an adult. So far, my biggest takeaway has been reusable bags are absolute essentials. Save time and money by investing in sizeable shopping bags that are easily customizable to suit your interests. With farmer’s market season just around the corner, these will come in handy for all of your fresh produce needs. 

Fabric-textured wall art

Expressing your creative side is a fantastic way to revitalize yourself after the busy start to the new year. Just about anyone can benefit from hanging new wall art that best reflects their moods and aspirations. I chose to cut some flowery vinyl and put together a patchwork design on my canvases. Giving not only texture but light and airy colors to your home will help you get in the right mindset for all the April showers and May flowers!

Fanny packs

I don’t know about you, but when I think of March, I see green. From St. Patrick’s Day to green grass sprouting from the ground, my Spring style needs something fresh. Using my Cricut Maker 3 to make a classic green fanny pack just a bit more unique. 

What are you making for Spring?

Reimagining your style forSpring can be intimidating, but Cricut makes it a breeze! Using inspiration from the blooming world around us gives us infinite possibilities to be creative when refreshing our lifestyles in the new season. 

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