Spring cleaning with Cricut

8 April 2022

April has come and spring has finally sprung! This time of the year indicates environmental change, both out in nature and inside your home. A perfect time to begin the ever-awaited spring cleaning, this month calls for some helpful Cricut assistance. Designing appealing organizational labels for all of the deep cleaning essentials is the way to go when it comes to getting your space ready for the coming months. 

Cleaning bottle labels

A simple, yet effective way to motivate yourself to start chores is to make them stylish. Find a few spray bottles of your choosing to fill with your favorite disinfectants and label away. Who wants to have a cabinet filled with dozens of plastic bottles in disarray? Using your own containers can help the cleaning process feel just a little more desirable.

Collapsable clothing donation bin

One of my favorite hacks for more seamless spring cleaning is using a collapsable donation bin to sort through my wardrobe. Especially living in a small space, this collapsable bin is incredibly handy for holding the clothes I want to donate, and then laying flat in my closet taking up minimal space until I need it next. I used my Cricut to indicate what this bin is for and to add some pazzazz, just to make it more fun to look at. 

Scrub brushes

You just can’t do spring cleaning without scrubbing a few surfaces here and there. These once-plain scrub brushes are personalized for appeal, to make using them just a bit better. Just like the spray bottles, using cool, trendy cleaning tools can be motivating and fun. These brushes are just an idea, but there are countless supplies you and your Cricut machine can improve this cleaning season. 

While spring cleaning may be a resented chore for some and a welcomed task for others, there is no doubt Cricut helps the process become a little bit more exciting. Once you upgrade your tools, the rest will come easy. 

Ready for Spring Cleaning?

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