Sorority shirts to celebrate your new big or little sis

29 October 2021

Celebrate your new big or little sis with these simple and easy ideas for customized sorority shirts — even add your house letters!

Crossing a little sis is one of the most memorable, yet sometimes stressful, parts of being in a sorority. Meeting the perfect person to be a little sister and best friend is thrilling in all of the best ways. A perfect way to surprise your little is to make matching shirts that fit both of your personalities just right. Expand your “fam” with these big/little-themed sorority shirts. 

Big and Lil Sis sorority shirts

Cricut Maker 3, Cricut Easy Press 2, and some iron-on vinyl are essentials when making apparel of any kind because these machines can do it all! Finding shirts and other items to fit the theme of your big/little reveal can be tricky, so why not design it yourself? 

Following the themes of pop culture and entertainment is a fan favorite. Recreating iconic movie and TV show logos can help you and your little bond over the entertainment you both love! Even referencing popular restaurants can bring people closer together, and Cricut can help you do just that. 

sorority shirts with fireball

Calling back to the classics is also a go-to for a sleek design that cuts right to the point. For those who want more fashion flexibility during your big/little reveal, these shirts are a must. They pair with almost any outfit and look just as amazing — not to mention, they are some of the easiest apparel to make.

Having a tight-knit group, or family, in your sorority can help you feel at home when in college. Making the perfect shirt to welcome a new member into your sorority family is a heart-warming way to make their day and their sorority experience! 

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