10 ways to beautify your bedroom

29 November 2022

Whether you’re decorating your bedroom, your kid’s bedroom, a room you share with a roommate, or your side of the dorm, these 10 ways to beautify your space will help add some personal DIY style in a way that’s unique to you.

1. Polaroid photo décor

Personalize your space by decorating and displaying your photo collection with these DIY embellishments.

Find this Polaroid Photo Décor project in Design Space.

2. Crystal dreamcatcher

We love the soft colors and texture differences in this sweet crystal deco based off of a dreamcatcher.

Find this Crystal Dreamcatcher project in Design Space.

3. Nature-inspired shelves

Bring nature inside with this simple and modern vinyl mountain shelf.

Find this Mountain Home Décor project in Design Space.

4. Welcome sign

Welcome the guests to your party in style with this adorable boho welcome sign!

Find this Boho Welcome Sign project in Design Space.

5. Pillows of your dreams

Choose between three night-time phrases: Dream Big, Sleep Tight, Sweet Dreams to add a little extra comfort to your bed.

Find this Dream Big Pillow Duos project in Design Space.

6. Throw blankets

Personalize your favorite blanket with a family name to be passed down through generations.

Find this Family Blanket project in Design Space.

7. Matching sheet set

Take a simple sheet set from boring to modern with this easy-to-do project!

Find this Geometric Fox Sheet Set project in Design Space.

8. Flower garland

Celebrate sprint with this whimsical garland!

Find this Gladiolus Garland project in Design Space.

9. Personalized lamps

A pair of quotes from the classic novel The Secret Garden inserted into glass jug style lamps.

Find this Secret Garden Quote Lamp project in Design Space.

10. Veneer Clock

This project cuts natural wood veneer to create a modern wall clock face.

Find this Veneer Clock Face project in Design Space.