9 March 2021
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Still working remote?

Even though for the last year, most everything has felt completely out of control, one thing you can always control is your home office space. And having it looking brand new will only improve your productivity, efficiency, and mood! Hopping from video call to video call can be draining, but with these four tips, you’ll feel as refreshed as your space! 

Home office setup with desk space and clock.

Dedicate a space

Ideally, your WFH space would have a top-of-the-line espresso maker, an adjustable sitting/standing desk, floor-to-ceiling windows with a view, and free massages at lunchtime. But most remote workers are living in reality – and reality includes a whole lot of adapting! Even if your office space is a corner of your kitchen or your child’s playroom you’ve had to makeshift into a professional video conferencing background, it should feel comfortable. Avoid working from your bed or couch or hopping between temporary spaces all day. Set up an area that is all yours from 9-5, even if that area is collapsible in the evening, like a folding or rolling desk that you put away or use for something different at the end of the day. It’s important for you – and your brain, and your body – to feel like you’re on the clock during work hours and off the clock at night. 

Home workspace organized desk with containers made with Cricut.

Use desk and drawer organizers

If you’re an accumulator of items, it might be time to invest in some organizers. Drawer organizers are a great solution – if you’ve got the drawers. No drawers? No problem. Stackable containers are a good option for storing items like paper clips and sticky notes. Remember that vertical storage is always a super effective way of decluttering a flat surface area. 

Custom Cricut home office notebook and pencils.

Take notes

Write things down! One of the best habits you can have is keeping notes. You’ll be more inclined to remember things throughout the day and be more attentive to your work. However, being good about keeping notes doesn’t mean littering your desk space with sticky notes. Get yourself one notebook or planner where you can store all your tasks, thoughts, reminders, etc. Pro tip: stay organized in your notebook by categorizing all your notes by color or with labels! 

Home office setup.

Treat yourself

Looking at your laptop all day probably isn’t the most healthy thing for you – especially if you’re sacrificing your posture to do it! Creating an ergonomic workstation is the best way to maintain a WFH environment that doesn’t cause stress on your body. To do this, make sure your laptop is aligned with your gaze, so you aren’t straining to see your screen. If you need to, invest in an adjustable laptop stand that will support proper posture while you type and watch your screen.

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