Reach new heights with Cricut stackable mugs

2 November 2021

Inspiration knows no bounds.

Reach new heights with the Cricut stackable mugs and create beyond the normal boundaries. The possibilities are endless, but we also have a few ideas to get you started. Read on to see a few examples of these tall drinks of personality!

Convenience, storage, and organization

Stackable mugs are a convenient way to save on space that you might not have on the counter or in cabinet. Why not do that with a little extra pop?

Easily store, organize, and condense the footprint of your drinkware needs using these personalized mugs.

Reminiscing on good times

They say one can be transported through time and space when lost in thought over a delicious beverage. The aroma of earthy, roasted beans in the morning or perhaps the whiff of calming, floral leaves at night bring on so many memories of unforgettable trips for me.

Let the memories and daydreaming flow with these themed collections.

Cricut Stackable Mugs landscapes

Stylish (and matching) good looks

Looking to match a certain trend of fall in suit with the style you’ve already thought long and hard on? Create along those same notions by using these blanks as an extension of your vision.

Elevate home décor and kitchen looks with these curated stacks of highly fashionable drinkware.

Build a city

Sugar packet structures, toothpick log cabins, coffee creamer pylons, or perhaps cutlery towers—these are just a few of the things people build while drinking from mugs. Just imagine the possibilities when you add stackable mugs into the mix! How’s that saying go again? If you build it, they will come? Of course, lock your doors if that’s not what you want.

Build a custom dream home in a city of lights with these ready-to-make projects.

Cricut Stackable Mugs

Cricut Stackable Mugs with Cricut Mug Press

Cricut Stackable Mugs are available on the and select retailers. These 10 oz. (300 ml) Infusible Ink- and Mug Press compatible mugs are sold in packs of 4 with ready-to-gift boxes for any occasion. So, to what lengths (and designs) will you be building with stackable mugs? Tag us at @cricut!